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Happy Anniversary My Love


Today marks two days since we decided to be in love for the rest of our life. To belong to each other forever. That may sound completely unromantic…I decided to love you. 140 more words


It's about to get raw!

For over 6 months now I have been blogging about how my son’s death has affected me and my family. The feelings and emotions of being a broken mother. 277 more words


“I, the author of VILES MINORUS (let’s keep my identity a secret… for now…), promise to try as hard as I can to find an insignificant thing every week, for as long as there is an 

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Getting Real

beginning to end

Sorry I’ve been so absent lately. I find it really difficult to focus on more than one thing these days, and what I’ve been focusing on is producing art…not so much talking about it or blogging or anything else really. 508 more words

Art 101

getting real about the special needs request

Can we get real about the special needs request?

I had read on blogs that it’s the hardest part.  I didn’t really believe them.  You just think/pray about what you want to be open to, write it down, and you’re done.   954 more words


Getting Real

This week I read the “Mind The Gap” chapter of Daring Greatly. It reminded me how important it is to get real about myself. Who we really are and who we want to be are not always the same thing. 244 more words

No Marathon for Me: giving up on one dream to focus on the others

At times when I think about this, I feel like a quitter. But that’s the emotional side of me. The rational side knows better. The rational side knows that my body just can’t handle it. 885 more words

Overall Dreams