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Review: Killing Joe Sabazius

Review by: John Hart on Aug. 16, 2014 :
“Killing Joe Sabazius” is a remarkable achievement. In terms of readability, it’s breezy as can be, even when handling some very dark and emotionally difficult subject matter. 95 more words

Getting Started

Faith, Trust, And ...

Recently, I came across this term “impact investing.” Now call me naive, but I was under the impression that all investments were made with the distinct motivation of their having some kind of impact, most usually personal financial gain. 389 more words


Where do I find the Motivation?

Why do some people always seem to have the motivation to get things done, or exercise, or anything for that matter? Why are some highly motivated and others not? 285 more words


The 2014 Game Career Guide is out!

View or download the new Game Career Guide

The annual Game Career Guide, by Gamasutra’s sister site of the same name, is a great magazine-style PDF.   86 more words


Blood Screening

In a recent email from the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center, they are offering  Free Blood Screening for Celiac Disease “To be screened, you must consume gluten daily for 12 weeks prior to the test.” 212 more words


Fig Newtons

It has been 3 years since I ate my last Fig Newton and finding a gluten free alternative has been unsuccessful. I picked up this bag of all natural, organic, unsulfered, sun dried figs. 97 more words

Gluten Free

run Disney training - week 1

ETA – actually, the first week of Disney training will be Labor Day weekend.  So… I need to pretend like it’s already started, but some of the pressure…

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