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Animated Discussion

I don’t know about you, but winter always seems to inspire a more sophisticated approach to decoration and when the weather becomes joyous and sunny, I’m looking for something more light hearted and witty. 944 more words

Getting Started

DRIP Investing

DRIP or dividend reinvestment program/plan, is a term not many are familiar with, although it’s been around since the 60′s. Many companies offer this program to their employees through stock options, that allow them to reinvest their cash dividends back into the company by purchasing a share or fractional shares of the company’s stock. 223 more words


Working with the Client/Sponsor to get a good brief

Last week I was leading a workshop, mainly for training purposes, but we used a live organisation issue.   A recently appointed manager volunteered his organisation partly because he was planning to make some significant changes, partly because his organisation was hemmed in by a number of tricky constraints and he wanted to get some ideas and partly because his organisation was facing a major change in its environment. 578 more words

Operating Models

To my Backyard

Dear backyard,

You are gigantic. What do we do with you? Here’s what you looked like when we moved in a few months ago, as seen from our back door: 263 more words


We turned 3!!!

 Imagine my pleasant surprise when i opened WordPress to discover that we had turned a whole 3 years old!

We are at that ‘newly going to school age’, the learning new stuff and getting in line with the giants age. 182 more words


Compulsory... Technical... Showcase ... HUH?!

With competition season well underway, most skaters already have chosen their programs for the year, but new skaters can sometimes be confused by the different types of programs that can be performed. 1,439 more words


Ladylike Tip #7 - Serve

Tip #7: Serve.

Even though your gentlemen are (and should be) allowed the privilege of opening your doors and offering their chairs, they need not be the only ones lending a helping hand. 221 more words