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You must gather your party before venturing forth...

…or, in my case, before I’m going to attempt crossing off all the entries in the To-Do List, I should probably follow one of the tutorials for Linux n00bs. 141 more words

Getting Started

YouTube and Twitch not working

Didn’t think I would have to do anything more today – just watch some VODs of the LCS games played today (yes, I’m afraid I’m into e-sports a lot). 88 more words

Getting Started

How to Have Sex When You Don’t Really Feel Like It

Sometimes sex requires gymnastics—not during sex itself, but in my mind before I can even have sex.

Getting Started

Installing Ubuntu

This is largely another test post, to see if I’ll be able to publish from the trusty Lumia 520.

I’m going to create a Dual-Boot with Win7. 444 more words

Getting Started

Pressing Start

Do you dream of becoming a game developer?

Well stop it.

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome before choosing a career in game development is realizing that it is a… 543 more words

Game Design

It’s been two years...

… since I first set foot on Turkish ground. I remember it was a Sunday. I’d been anxious for this day for months. Nervous and excited alike. 511 more words

Getting Started