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003. Get off your ass, and get to it

““You seldom, if ever, get lucky sitting down.”

– Zig Ziglar

I’m a huge advocate, for doing what makes you happy, and directing your energy into things/projects/jobs that will get you ahead.

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How Hard Is It Really?

To write something?

To put one word in front of the other and form a sentence?

I just did it.  Twice.  Easy peasy.

I thought something, I typed out the words, and there you have it. 153 more words


March travels: Izmir

There’s something funny about beginnings and endings. In both cases, our body and mind experience things more intensely than during “regular times”. When we’re confronted with something new to us, we’re… 317 more words


Earth Day 2070

Today, April 22, 2070, is the 100th anniversary of the celebration of Earth Day. It is proper upon these occasions to consider our progress for this past century. 218 more words

Getting Started

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Good to take the long view when it comes to Earth Day.

Tips For Getting Started

  • Sit down everyday (or at least once a week) and write about the first memory that comes to mind
  • Your written memory should have a beginning, middle, and end—but it doesn’t have to be long…
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Getting Started

Business Plans

What are they for? From where I see it the business plan is only ever used for two reason, to gain funding or as a small business to get bank funding. 363 more words

Getting Started

Choosing a Company Name.

Sometimes the name of your company just comes into your head during a light bulb moment other times you may struggle. But there is one thing for sure it has to be comfortable with you. 187 more words

Getting Started