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Nuts and Berries and Seeds, Oh My!

In the beginning there were fruits, then we added spinach and at times kale. Next came flax seed which I read were great for your intestines.  375 more words


Getting down and dirty with rugby

So… rugby seems scary to many, tacking the tackles, the injuries that come with the game and not to mention throwing yourself at someone else to tackle them. 665 more words


How to find Ambari server (Host & Port) on Hortonworks Installation

Most likely the server will be installed either on the NameNode, sNameNode or the Main DataNode (if any).

Find Host

  1. What your will be looking for is a folder named: ambari-server…
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Who do you read?

Here are some people I read. Who do you read?

Seth Godin. Mostly because he has interesting things to say. And mostly because the way he delivers ideas through his blog is a home run. 68 more words

About Blogging

GUEST BLOG: publishing Q&A

 The English Department Advisory Board Visit in March provided students the opportunity to question Anthony Forbes Watson (Managing Director if Pan Macmillan) about the world of publishing. 402 more words


To Stop Procrastinating and Start Writing, Think like Safeway and Plan Your Reward

Habits have a powerful hold on us. Many times every day we are drawn into automatic habit mode. Acting without making conscious decisions can be a good thing when we are quickly folding the laundry or doing a blitz clean-up of the kitchen before work or after dinner. 1,202 more words

Dissertation Coach

003. get started!

““You seldom, if ever, get lucky sitting down.”

– Zig Ziglar

I’m a huge advocate, for doing what makes you happy, and directing your energy into things/projects/jobs that will get you ahead.

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