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Shaking up your creative habit

While it’s vital to have a regular habit of creating, I’ve been reminded over the past couple of weeks that it’s important that I don’t become too routine about my creative routine. 618 more words


Feeling Stuck in Life's Thornbushes?

During my morning walk, a man on the path stopped me to ask if I had seen a large black dog.  Empathizing with his distress having lost my own dogs many a morning to their thrill of running free in the park I told him I hadn’t and wished him luck.  633 more words

Just Do It

Nike was right. Sometimes we just need to do it. If we wait until we have enough money, expertise, knowledge, courage or perfection, it may never get done. 250 more words

Getting Unstuck

here we go again

It’s so easy to be stuck.

I have all these great ideas about stories to write, projects to bead and music to create. I think of exciting things to try during the night, wake up reasonably motivated, charge into my studio, and screech to a halt in front of the computer. 155 more words

How to get unstuck.

I don’t actually know how to get unstuck. But I know that I’m stuck and I want to be unstuck…which must be a step in the process somewhere. 580 more words

Real Life

4 Ways to Write Yourself out of a Corner

As I said yesterday, watch this space for an upcoming announcement about Aunty Ida. It should be fun.

Getting to the business of blogging, let’s talk about backing yourself into corners while writing. 375 more words


Getting Unstuck

Imagine with me, this scenario.  You’re living in Colorado.  It is a beautiful Fall day.  The temperature is 70 degrees without a cloud in the sky, so you decide to take a drive to the mountains. 1,064 more words

Getting Unstuck