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Summer Camp for Grown-Up Girls

I LOVED summer camp as a kid.

Every year our youth group from church (plus all the friends we invited) went to Forest Home in Southern California. 361 more words

Brave Foundations

Buddha Wisdom in Bugs Bunny

Would you like to shoot me now or wait til you get home?
Bugs Bunny to Elmer Fudd

In this Bugs Bunny cartoon, Bugs demonstrates the perfected art of deflection by reframing questions, hooking Daffy Duck’s anger, and then watching Daffy enable his own destruction: Elmer Fudd shoots Daffy Duck at Daffy’s insistence while a self-satisfied Bugs Bunny looks on. 345 more words


Moving forward

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference
-Robert Frost

Maybe another point of Frost’s poem is he made a decision and moved forward, as well as not traveling the worn, easy to follow path taken by others. 7 more words

Recovery is where you’re going – not where you've been

By David Joel Miller

If things are bad keep moving

Recovery is about the future and the process of getting where you want to be. 581 more words

Recovery And Resiliency

Getting Unstuck in Order To Create

I go to create.  I avoid.  I go to move forward.  I distract.  I dare to concentrate on the task at hand and begin to tear up. 859 more words


Are You Important Enough to Have Writer's Block?

Paul O’Dwyer:“What are you writing?”
Pete Hamill: “Nothing Paul, I think I have some kind of block.”
O’Dwyer: “You are not important enough to have writer’s block.”

576 more words
Art + Photo

Getting Unstuck

 Photo source: Russ and Tiña De Maris


This is from the main message from our Friday Worship Service in Abu Dhabi, ICOC, given by Brother Nash. 1,130 more words

Getting Unstuck