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9 Reasons why you are Stuck

9 Reasons Why You Are Stuck

  1. You don’t have a compelling enough vision
  2. Your habits aren’t serving you
  3. You haven’t invested in improving yourself
  4. Poor relationships…
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Life Lessons

How to Get Unstuck

Many years ago my wife and I were headed to South Lake Tahoe to speak at a youth winter retreat. The weather conditions were forecasted to be extreme, but we figured with snow chains nothing could stop us. 971 more words


Reposition yourself from living in the negative

Repeat this to yourself every morning: “I will embrace change, because as awkward as it feels, I know I am being prepared for something bigger and better”

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Motivational Advice

Stuck So Cannot See

 Creating our reality can be fun or we can get in our way. I tell stories in this blog to show how our thoughts are creative for better or for worse. 601 more words

Intuition And Success

Getting Unstuck: Finding the Words

I’m one to talk. I’ve had adult onset writers block for five years. I told myself that my day job would give me time and the ability to write at night. 293 more words


Encountering My Own Resistance

I cannot expect my life to move forward if I am resisting doing things I know I need to do.
I have been slamming against a wall of internal resistance. 342 more words

Getting Unstuck

I’ve found myself getting stuck recently. I’ve found myself being unmotivated and stressed beyond belief. Some of it is out of my control, with classes this semester being especially punishing. 175 more words