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365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE - DAY 142: Can't Seem To Get Unstuck?

Another thing that can and will stand between where you are right now and where you desire to be is the lack of clarity and specific goals. 478 more words

365 Days Of Gratitude

Respectful Advice Needed - What to Do for an Elusive Muse

So, my writing friends.  I’m sure you’ve been in this situation before, so I will explain my dilemma, and you tell me what works for you.  216 more words


Stuck? Or Just Resting.

There is nearly nothing worse than feeling stuck in our creativity, business, relationships, etc. Mostly, because it’s a challenge to retrace how we got there (since usually we didn’t notice that’s where we were headed, along the way) and therefore what to do in order to get ourselves out and back on track. 467 more words

The Sound of Things to Come

Coping With Aggression

(Trish Jean)

The shatter of spilt milk

and here she came,

tongue clothed in

an acid gown,

her whitened eyes like knives…

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Building Bridges

Old Stuff

Last week I had a call from the Bravo Network. They have a TV show called Untying the Knot where a divorce attorney/mediator helps couples work together around one of the hardest things some experience in a divorce – separating assets, giving up something once shared with a soon-to-be ex-spouse. 549 more words

Jump Start Your Business with The Business Startup Bootcamp

“Look well into thyself; there is a source of strength which will always spring up if thou wilt always look there.”

Are you ready to embark on the new year? 795 more words

Motivational Advice

9 Reasons why you are Stuck

9 Reasons Why You Are Stuck

  1. You don’t have a compelling enough vision
  2. Your habits aren’t serving you
  3. You haven’t invested in improving yourself
  4. Poor relationships…
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Life Lessons