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Funky Town

I am in a funk.

Now I am not talking about depression or any other serious mental illness…I am talking about the kind of funk that appears as a nice big dose of raging discontentment, a splash of loneliness, and is accompanied with the every present notion that you have yet to find your life’s purpose. 515 more words


Writer's Block - Getting Unstuck

As a writer, there’s nothing worse than getting stuck, or dealing with writer’s block. Yes, rejection and the like is awful, but at least at that point on the writing timeline, you’ve accomplished what you set out to do. 649 more words


How to get unstuck and heal what we've repressed: Spiritual Weekend

Welcome to this series of posts called “Spiritual Weekend”. Every Weekend I share stories from my journey, spiritual techniques and inspiring quotes. I hope to connect with you and give you something which could help you on your path to happiness. 555 more words


5 Steps to Get Unstuck

Maybe you’re like me, and you’ve got a million things on your plate. Your heart and your time are constantly being pulled in a dozen different directions. 2,233 more words


Stage One: Clues and Acknowledgement of Feelings

For the past couple months I been stuck in a rut. I been so paralyzed by fear and struck by the reality of today’s job market.   942 more words


How I Stopped Making Excuses and Got Unstuck

I am finally writing my book. For some time, people — my friends, my clients — had been telling me that I should write one. Every time I gave a talk, someone would ask me, “Do you have a book?” When I told them I hadn’t yet written one, they would reply, “You really should.” 868 more words


Paper Art: Lessons on Being Better at Craft

I knew I wanted to write from an early age. Though I wasn’t a particularly naughty child, many of the books I had from before I could read are filled with marks in my own hand. 1,045 more words