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My iPod #417: The Beatles - Getting Better

My favourite “Sgt. Pepper” song. No doubt. It’s so cheerful and upbeat. Everything about it sounds so happy. The bouncy, walking bassline. The skipping drum pattern in the verses. 151 more words


Happy people don’t have perfect lives. They just simply made a decision to be happy with the life they have. They also gives thanks for the life they have been blessed to have with all its trials and tribulations.


Thе Secret Nо Onе Tells Yоu tо Gеtting Adriana Lima-Intense Smoky Eyes

There are times you want your smoky eye to coyly whisper and times you want it to barge into the room and demand everyone acknowledge its hotness. 141 more words


More Couples Are Getting Prenups

Getting married soon? There’s a chance bae boo may ask for a prenup. Here’s a story I saw on Yahoo’s site,

Arlene Dubin, Chair of the matrimonial and family law practice of Moses & Singer says there’s been a fivefold increase in prenuptial agreements over the last 20 years.

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Ok, this has been a long time coming…

The lovely Lisa of Real Mom Of Long Island tagged me with this TMI Tag & it’s taken me ages to do it. 841 more words

Google Is Getting Ready To Sell Insurance In The US

January 12, 2015
Google has been helping users buy insurance in Europe since 2012, but a series of clues suggest they may be about to take that business to the US. 424 more words

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