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Anaconda Plan

The Anaconda Plan was constructed by General Winfield Scott to shut down Confederate naval and shipping capabilities. The Confederacy, without ports, was unable to import European munitions. 387 more words

Feds indict Maryland man for threats, assault; starting fire at Gettysburg National Park

A federal grand jury indicts a Maryland man for assault, threats and starting a fire at Gettysburg National Military Park.  The indictment stems from an incident at the Park on Friday night August 8.  74 more words


Total War's Ultimate General Brings His AI to Gettysburg

Creative Assembly (CA) should learn not to bite that hand that feeds them. Presuming much in the way of internet drama and hearsay, it appears the creator of the stunning DarthMod for pretty much every game in the epic Total War series, Nick Thomadis, was not invited to a modding summit held by the folks at CA. 1,203 more words

Gettysburg professor arrested for arranging sex with underage "boy"

A Harrisburg man is arrested after he allegedly tried to set up a sexual encounter with an underage boy. Robert Viti, 68, of 1608 Penn Street, Harrisburg, is accused of arranging the meeting with what he thought was a 15 year-old boy, but was in fact an undercover agent in the Attorney General’s Child Predator Section. 384 more words


Unforgettable Intercourse

My brother recently moved to North Carolina for grad school.  It’s exciting because, distance-wise, he is closer to me than he was when he was living in Massachusetts.   1,352 more words


engagement pictures

Some pictures of a engagement shoot we just did.

The Nonjudgmental Appeal of Ronald F. Maxwell's Gettysburg

“The same God, same language, same culture and history, same songs, stories, legends, myths. Different dreams. Different dreams. So very sad.”

Due to its lengthy running time Gettysburg at first appears best suited for a miniseries event – and indeed began its shoot as one – but being as it is an American film depicting the quintessential American battle perhaps it deserves the prestige cinematic treatment it’s proffered. 1,439 more words