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The World We Live In #2: To Study Or To Work

I was getting ready for school and about to wear my uniform when I remembered that our principal had told us not to wear uniforms. So I decided to wear my favorite pink dress (Malala Yousafzai)

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R-Facebook czyli kopalnia danych

Zainspirowany dwiema prezentacjami Łukasza Wawrowskiego (tu znajduje się jedna z nich), postanowiłem spróbować wyciągnąć z mojego facebooka informacje o znajomych.  Umożliwia to pakiet Rfacebook, jednak wymaga to trochę nagimnastykowania się z ustawieniami fb. 435 more words


Things to learn to do bioinformatics.

I know what you are thinking.  “Not another bioinformatics blog…”.  There are a lot of blogs from a wide variety of scientists today.  These range from doctoral students working towards their degrees in bioinformatics to the leaders of the field and all are fantastic resources for information and discussion.   2,398 more words


Bulldozing Through R: Basic Histogram

The Bulldozing Through R series is intended to help biologists, bioinformaticians and other researchers getting things done in R. No more browsing through confusing documentation, reading books that spend thousands of pages trying to explain basic concepts or tutorials that assume you are already an expert. 383 more words

Bulldozing Through R

Step by Step: A Stylised Pedigree using reshape and ggplot2

During a minor bout of procrastination, I produced a stylised pedigree using Hadley Wickham's amazing reshape and ggplot2 packages in R. Not being particularly artistically minded, I was quite chuffed with the end product: 1,015 more words


The World We Live In #1: Obesity And Cells

Lesson learned, and the wheels keep turning (The Killers – The world we live in)

I discovered this site with a huge amount of data waiting to be analyzed.

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Stealing 2nd Base: a Tribute to the Royals

Last night, I watched the Kansas City Royals finish their sweep of the Los Angeles Angels. One of the interesting aspects of the Royals was their propensity for stealing bases. 968 more words