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Running an R seminar series: lessons from the front line

Sometimes, you can combine two problems and create a solution. I’m on the student post-graduate committee for the School of Biology at the University of Canterbury, and we were aware that senior postgraduate students were seeking more teaching opportunities.   823 more words


Access Twitter posts by country

In this ExploRation I will cover how to retrieve and filter tweets from Twitter by country. The first step will be to create and connect to the Twitter API using the… 1,537 more words


ggRandomForests: Visually Exploring random forests. V1.1.1 release.

Release early and often.


I may have been aggressive numbering the first CRAN release at v1.0, but there’s no going back now. The design of the feature set is complete even if the code has some catching up to do. 86 more words


Look! It's your data!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how many tables are a single visualization worth? Exploratory data analysis is a great way to see what is and is not in your dataset. 1,095 more words


linear models, r-squared, and facets in R

I just had to create a faceted plot showing a linear regression in R using ggplot2, and I wanted to include the R-squared value on each facet. 311 more words


Using an image as the axis text in R plot

There were plenty of good suggestions on this page .
But the one that worked for me was in one of the comments. Use the package “tikzDevice” and you can add the awesomeness of Latex to the plotting prowess of R. 109 more words



For this assignment, I used R to create a bubble chart. A bubble chart is a type of scatter plot that allows you to map the size of data points:  276 more words