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About Visualization – comments on the last Barcelona R User Group Meetup at itnig

Fruit de la col·laboració d’itnig amb el grup d’usuaris d’R, ens van demanar si podríem escriure al seu bloc sobre el grup i com havia anat la reunió de la setmana passada sobre ggplot2. 504 more words


Calculation of Win Probabilities, Part II

In an earlier post, I described how one can compute end-of-inning win probabilities for the home team using Retrosheet game log data. One is usually interested in computing win probabilities after each play, and using these to find so-called WPA (win-probability added) values that we can attribute to specific players. 781 more words


Cheap Home Air Quality Monitoring

I’ve wanted to monitor room temperature and humidity in my home for quite some time and I recently came across the ESP8266 Wi-Fi microcontrollers that were ideal for the job. 694 more words

Technical Stuff

Fun with ggplot2

Our lesson this week in 401 involved looking at the ggplot2 library to create histograms, scatterplots, and box plots. I tried this out with some of our data from one of our pain studies. 203 more words


Multiple line plots with different range of x-axis with ggplot2

In this post, I am going to explain how to plot two lines within a same plot with different range of x-axis in ggplot2. When we search online, there are many example codes that provide a solution to the dual line plots sharing same x-axis, but there is not much to refer to with different range of x-axis. 151 more words


Patterns in London Supermarket Locations

I recently came across a dataset listing the location of supermarket branches of pretty much every major UK retailer. The dataset itself can only be described as the result of remarkable human effort by some folks at… 512 more words


Another release day: ggRandomForests V1.1.3

Continuing progress with the vignettes mean bug fixes in the code. Plus I’m presenting the regression random forest vignette to the stats group here tomorrow. 115 more words