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Using an image as the axis text in R plot

There were plenty of good suggestions on this page .
But the one that worked for me was in one of the comments. Use the package “tikzDevice” and you can add the awesomeness of Latex to the plotting prowess of R. 109 more words



For this assignment, I used R to create a bubble chart. A bubble chart is a type of scatter plot that allows you to map the size of data points:  276 more words

GTrendsR package to Explore Google trending for Field Dependent Terms

My friend, Steve Simpson, introduced me to Philippe Massicotte and Dirk Eddelbuettel’s GTrendsR GitHub package this week. It’s a pretty nifty wrapper to the Google Trends API that enables one to search phrase trends over time. 1,272 more words


Canada's largest industry: Real estate rental and leasing?


The below graphs breakdown Canadian GDP by major categories of the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS): 1,158 more words


Sentiment Heatmap in R - EDIT: Discretise

Here is a small edit to the previous Sentiment Heatmap in R post – Discretise the sentiment score for a more adequate colour scale. 303 more words


Analyzing today's weather with R

Walking to work this morning felt cold, so during my lunch break I thought it
would be interesting to put today’s weather into historical context by comparing… 642 more words


RNAseq pipeline - alignment to DE analysis + GSEA?

RNA sequencing has quickly surpassed microarrays for differential gene expression analysis in most labs.  I wanted to post a RNAseq pipelines from Raw sequencing reads to differential expression analysis and various other downstream analyses.   2,500 more words