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African fashions at Notting Hill

Very few staff at Notting Hill wear anything other than modern contemporary clothes for their work. We don’t have uniforms or a dress code. But when it comes to dressing up for parties our teams really like to push the boat out. 708 more words


Feeling Ga (How to lose my non Ga readers)


Because of my Ga jokes and jests on Social Media (most of those jokes are directed at Ga Girls though) my friends have resulted to calling me a tribalist based on my beliefs and my continued jesting about the Ga People Of Ghana. 908 more words


MMDCEs must be elected on party tickets (and other reforms)

The Institute of Democratic Governance (IDEG) and the Civic Forum Initiative (CFI) have suggested that Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives be elected on the tickets of Political Parties. 291 more words


Travel Bug

“My favorite thing to do is to go where I’ve never been” -Diane Arbus 13 more words

Surfline LTE lifts off: Hit or Miss?

Last year, I was absolutely pumped when I first got wind of three LTE providers gearing up to start operations in Ghana soon. Blu Telecom, Surfline and Goldkey Telecom. 945 more words


Do You Hear The Rhythms?

Ghana has real good rhythms! The music is on point in this country, trust me!

A good friend, uncle, hero and boss had a new baby and I attended the outdooring ceremony. 51 more words

Two weeks till takeoff

14 Days to go

Dear Reader,

Hello, hello! As promised, I have decided to document my adventures in Ghana on this blog. I thought I might format my posts as letters, because these can serve as the postcards I will want to send but probably will never get around to mailing. 207 more words