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How To Be Inspired By Something Without Copying It

So, you know that thing where you really, really, really love a book or a film or a TV series? Like, really love it, in a know-bits-of-it-off-by-heart, read-your-favourite-scenes-over-and-over-again, write-stories-where-you-and-the-main-character-are-getting-married-in-your-head sort of way? 776 more words


The Mysterious Nothing-Thief

A few weeks ago I got home late and turned on the lights, only to find rooms in disarray.

We had been burgled!

As you can imagine we called the police, then started sorting through our scattered possessions, so that we could work out how much had been taken. 390 more words

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Why I Do and Don't want to be Grown-Up!?!

Wendy Quill (the main character in the books I illustrated) is constantly writing lists –  so I thought I’d join in the fun by writing my own list. 305 more words

Life Stuff

GUEST BLOG - The Cat Who Came in Off the Roof

Our guest blog this week is about the famous Dutch writer Annie M. G. Schmidt  – the ‘queen of Dutch children’s literature.’ In 1988 she received the prestigious Hans Christian Anderson Medal for her lasting contribution as a children’s writer. 348 more words


Fan Fiction

I’d never heard of fan fiction until recently. Fan fiction is a story created using the characters or settings from another person’s book. The work isn’t generally authorised by the author, or the publisher, and the person writing it mustn’t publish the fan fiction to make money from it. 186 more words


Droghe da primo appuntamento

Ieri sono uscito con un ragazzo conosciuto tempo fa su Grindr. Mi era sembrato subito intrigante dalle foto, non il classico belloccio, ma sicuramente piacevole. Dopo più di un mese di vicendevoli inseguimenti finalmente siamo riusciti a vederci. 865 more words


Hi everyone!

Here’s the video I meant to post last week…but didn’t…due to technical difficulties which had absolutely nothing to do with me.

Well, okay…maybe a little(!). 56 more words