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“Why are our kids in the streets?”
Because I need something to eat
“What about a job and school?”
You really must not see
“See what? 166 more words


28/8/14 "Ghetto Cooking"

Today me and Joe.w decided we wanted to cook some food, but us being the adventurous characters we wanted to cook it the unconventional way. So we got to work on making our fire. 633 more words


'The underground ghetto city of Gaza', a prose poem by Amir Nizar Zuabi

Having despaired of the world, of the fear, of the blood, the only refuge left to us was the earth. We buried ourselves alive.

Published 02:06 04.08.14… 919 more words

Poetry - Verse

My Cohort Group and Extra Curriculars

Over the course of the year, you’re probably going to hear about my Cohort Group and the activities I’m involved in. As we get closer to the start of the academic school calendar, I’ll be posting more about my classes and stress related to coursework and the library than I do right now. 740 more words


Fuck New Neighbors

Awwwww GREAT, W.T.F?!? Is south grand now the official section 8 strip of America now or what? So a few weeks ago a bunch of loud, dirty, unruly kid having mother fuckers moved in. 68 more words

The Truth

You Can Take The Girl Out Of The Ghetto

Ever since I started college in the city I’ve always lived in seedier parts of town. From living in the condo complex behind the heroin riddled Taco Bell to the quiet house with gangs that break into your car and leave your stuff at the scene of a homicide (true story). 512 more words


"It's going to be St. James Town all over again"

If you ever want to strike fear into a Torontonian about the current high-rise construction boom tell them their neighbourhood could be the next St. James Town, a low-income high-rise neighbourhood on the east side of downtown Toronto. 432 more words