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Fuck New Neighbors

Awwwww GREAT, W.T.F?!? Is south grand now the official section 8 strip of America now or what? So a few weeks ago a bunch of loud, dirty, unruly kid having mother fuckers moved in. 68 more words

The Truth

You Can Take The Girl Out Of The Ghetto

Ever since I started college in the city I’ve always lived in seedier parts of town. From living in the condo complex behind the heroin riddled Taco Bell to the quiet house with gangs that break into your car and leave your stuff at the scene of a homicide (true story). 512 more words


"It's going to be St. James Town all over again"

If you ever want to strike fear into a Torontonian about the current high-rise construction boom tell them their neighbourhood could be the next St. James Town, a low-income high-rise neighbourhood on the east side of downtown Toronto. 432 more words


Yelling, “Hey White Boy,” black teens assault lifeguard. Not charged as hate crime.

By Thomas Madison

Police did not charge this racially-motivated assault as a hate crime. Is there any question, had the races been reversed, that not only would this be a hate crime, but there would be massive rioting and the white perp would be tried, convicted, and sentenced before you can say, “Al Sharpton?” None! 258 more words

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Writers Block...

OMG … This is so new to me! Not having anything to talk about!
I guess I’ll just write what comes to mind!
I’m in the second week of my sophomore year… It’s going well! 150 more words

Boujetto Fabulosity

A little bougie, a little ghetto. This look mixes business-casual with Tims and gold chains to create a lovely juxtaposition. :)

Blazer: Forever 21

T-Shirt: Urban Outfitters… 18 more words


Sometimes my own people piss ME off!

I HATE going to stores in the hood, the niggas AND the bitches are ignorant, triflin and VERY disrespectful. Jumping old people in line, they’re LOUD ASS FUCK arguing on the phone IN LINE!! 170 more words

The Truth