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Why India and China's no-show at climate change talks could be a disaster

The leaders of the world’s largest and third-largest emitters of greenhouse gases won’t be attending a global summit on climate change later this month. China is sending a lower-ranked official; it’s not yet clear if India will send its environmental minister. 230 more words

Understanding the Challenges of Modeling AB 32 Policy

The Aspen Environmental Group, M.Cubed for Environmental Defense / by Richard J. McCann
http://www.edf.org/documents/8902_AB32%20EconModeling%20M3%20final.pdf (full report)
http://www.edf.org/documents/8901_AB32%20AspenEnv%20Modeling%20PolicySum.pdf (summary)

A new study released today concludes that state-of-the-science economic models, including those used for the California Air Resources Board’s economic analyses of California’s Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32), are not capable of simulating the fundamental changes in California’s economy that AB 32 measures are likely to cause.  142 more words

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A summary of the review of the AB 32 Scoping Plan we conducted in 2008 for EDF.

Yet another misconstrued view of "economics" in the climate change debate

Charles Mann wrote an interesting review of several books on climate change in The Atlantic Monthly. He portrays the debate as “Environmentalists” vs. “Economists.”  Unfortunately he describes economists as relying entirely on using central tendency expected values in standard cost-benefit analyses. 233 more words


5 undeniable truths about the Clean Power Plan | Environmental Defense Fund

The Clean Power Plan is indeed a huge deal. It may very well serve as a turning point for the United States and the world in our effort to reduce greenhouse gasses, while pointing the economy toward revitalization through clean energy. 11 more words

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Dear World Leaders - WTF do you think you are doing??!!??

Is it too late for us to maintain our comfortable western lifestyles AND avert catastrophic climate change?

Despite all of the lobbying from climate sceptics, the absolute vast majority of scientists have, for years, agreed that release of CO₂ into the atmosphere by humans (both from burning fossil fuels and from cutting down forests for farmland) is the main cause of global warming, and that YES, planet Earth is warming much faster than it would without all that extra CO₂ in the atmosphere. 1,592 more words

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