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Why Factory Farming Is Even Worse Than You Thought

by Kip Andersen

For years I was an OCE — Obsessive Compulsive Environmentalist. I recycled everything, took short showers, turned off lights when I left the room, biked everywhere — everything the big environmental organizations I followed say we need to do to live green — I was there with eco-friendly bells on. 438 more words


Can YOU solve the world's energy problems?

Hello again! I’d like to say I’ve been spending all my time since my last post prudently sitting in the library, my pince-nez perched atop my nose as I gaze down at the reading, never losing focus. 462 more words

Why India and China's no-show at climate change talks could be a disaster

The leaders of the world’s largest and third-largest emitters of greenhouse gases won’t be attending a global summit on climate change later this month. China is sending a lower-ranked official; it’s not yet clear if India will send its environmental minister. 230 more words