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US-Australia tension over climate change talks

WASHINGTON (Rooters agency) – There are increasing signs of friction between the US and its close Australian ally, apparently caused by different approaches to negotiations on climate change. 411 more words

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Regulatory Changes for Biofuels in Germany - or "Much Ado about Nothing"

Earlier this year, the German government announced a number changes to the ways that obligated parties would be regulated from 2015 onwards.

In short, obligated parties would no longer have a volumetric quota (x% of fuels distributed to be “renewable”), but would instead have a carbon saving quota (set at 3% GHG, from 2017 at 4.5% GHG and 7% GHG from 2020). 1,677 more words


2 Degrees Of Global Warming Might Be Too Much

An excellent look, by Justin Gillis at the New York Times, at how the world decided that it should try to limit global warming to 2 degrees centigrade, and how that target might not actually be the right target: 559 more words

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From Lima to Paris with the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC)

On Sunday morning, following two nights of intense negotiations at the UN Climate Summit in Lima, all nations approved the final negotiating text and delivered an agreement that has a chance to succeed. 204 more words

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In the Grey Havens Hall of Fire

As a cold autumn snowfall descended upon the Blue Mountains, Grey Havens gathered for another Hall of Fire. This time we met at the new home of one of our members, a friendly housewarming. 344 more words


The Wonder Of Whales (And Nature)

A beautiful homage to the infinite complexity of Nature, and a reminder that it is hubris to act as if we understand the most subtle workings of the planet. 125 more words


Number 85 - Offset my carbon footprint

Yesterday I calculated my carbon footprint and then made a donation to The Nature Conservancy that ‘offset’ my greenhouse gases for this year.

Unfortunately, offsetting emissions is not a solution to the environmental issues resulting from our lifestyles and consumption patterns: only decreasing actual emissions does this. 31 more words