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The Enigma of the Paranormal

As promised on my last post, I am going to talk about one of my passions.

The paranormal world is something that I have always had an interest in; the obsession peaked after experiencing incidents that were, at best, explainable while in high school. 531 more words


Gremlins & Patriots Down to Paranormal Explanations

DATELINE: Truth is Out There!

Bill Belichick decided he needed to hold another press conference this week because of air inflation issues.

The football genius admitted he has been on a learning curve this week, taken up in a trial balloon. 221 more words

Politics & Society

Strange Doll EVP Captured At Cemetery!

This is one of my most weirdest EVP’s yet… Which makes me wonder.. Can spirits (especially children) Play with their once loved toys in death just like they did in life? xx

The new cover to The Haunting Lessons is haunting.

If you liked This Plague of Days, you might like this!

Following a terrible tragedy, Tamara Smythe, a girl from Iowa discovers their are phantasms everywhere, watching us and waiting. 21 more words

Robert Chazz Chute

and now its time for the strange happenings since my vist to the tower of London with the pictures it be a coincerdence or just the way things happen dynnargh welclome falite croeso

you allways get some pics that don’t turn out and over the yeatrs there have been many of the hundreads of pics that have been taken and as the last lot was done just after Christmas it signalled the fianal end as the piture book has finally close over the years ive filmed towns different events partys of the past and last year with dan and charlie boy charlie was so god dam sexy little beast but now that’s all done and dusted now but the most best pic I ever took was the one of that hunk guy fawkes its a great shame that I coulnt get a pic of the headless horse man or the ghosts of Braintree bank street I suppose  its a case that one cant get the staff but other ghost hunters have cought them apparently on there ghost machines .the last lot of pics on here before im out of time will be the return to yet again the v\a and the national history muesuim and Hampton court which I will go and film next week all being well I wonder if i will encounter any more ghosts to take a pic of make love to the camera boys say love babby now and heres the last ones of me when one went all naughticall ship a hoy me heartys mind the main brace now its time to set sail into the y… 8 more words


The Interview with Erie Paranormal Researcher and all around Know It All Patricia Coleman

Patricia Coleman has shocking blue eyes. That was the first thing I noticed about a woman I would describe mostly as larger than life. She’s into her forties, but rather than seeming rough as some people tend to do when they reach that point in their life she just seems real, focused, especially when she’s talking about her craft. 559 more words

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Disembodied Voice Of A Small Child Captured During End Of Investigation!

These are the graves of the two young children that I was stood by at the time I had the disembodied voice of a young child, it is conformed that the baby girl (top) passed away at 2 months old, and the baby boy (bottom) passed away at 3 days old heart emoticon xxx (Unfortunately I put the ages wrong in the video but at least this is confirmation of what had happened)