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What Do You Ask?

As investigators we need to be looking at every possible reason for unexplained activity. This is a classic Loyd Auerbach article about what to ask that is a good reference to use when determining the origin of unexplained phenomenon.  3,436 more words
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An old post...for new followers

The previous post was not meant to be how it turned out….however it seems to have become quite popular…my husband and I were just talking about it the other day….give it a read ….every bit of it was true …by the way we still have the stove $60 perfect condition!! 23 more words



Ok, it’s been quite some time again since last. This time it’s been a combination of extreme heat, lack of inspiration and well, many other things happening that has made me forget about writing. 1,044 more words

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Syfy Sets Premiere Dates for 'Haven', 'Ghost Hunters,' More

Syfy has announced its 2014 fall programming schedule, featuring the return of an original series, two series premieres and the return of special horror-related events for October. 833 more words


invaders...who new it was us

After many sleepless nights ,  my husband and I decided we needed a king bed… our dogs sleep with us.  The bigger bedroom was upstairs…. now we never go upstairs 2  years of footsteps and unexplained sounds of things falling….loudly we never would go check it was more like “did you hear that?” And kind of shrug our shoulders and say ….its just the house.   274 more words


The Inn Pt. 8 & The TAPS App

I mentioned once how Jason Hawes and TAPS got together with Fuzzywhite Technology to put out an app for smartphones and iphones that will help you ghost hunt while keeping the cost of equipment down. 1,267 more words


Hollywood and the Paranormal: A Bad Marriage?

The news was all over Facebook: Aaron from Ghost Adventures had been fired for revealing that the show required him to fake his audio clips! That turned out to be untrue; a “satirical” news site had published the piece to stir up controversy, and they succeeded. 1,266 more words