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Episode 12: “SA: Tachikoma Runs Away; The Movie Director’s Dream -- ESCAPE FROM”

In the last episode, we explored minds lost to online addiction. In “Escape From,” there is further investigation of the human element in the man/machine interface. 1,554 more words

Ghost In The Shell

A Beginner's Guide To Anime

I know this really isn’t my typical posting material but I thought this was interesting and useful stuff.  Hey, I’m a person who used extracurricular projects in grade school as an excuse to submit documents full of the history of anime. 4,636 more words


Episode 11: “C: In the Forest of the Imagoes -- PORTRAITZ”

A very frank cold open sets the tone for an undercover episode in which Togusa infiltrates one “Vocational Aid Center” following the sourcing of a hack into the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare database from within this location. 1,505 more words

Ghost In The Shell

Episode 10: “SA: A Perfect Day for a Jungle Cruise -- JUNGLE CRUISE”

One of the more memorable stand alone episodes from the early goings, although, in retrospect, I think the overall package suffers from the show’s broader commitment (or lack of commitment) to character. 1,815 more words

Ghost In The Shell

Episode 9: “C: The Man Who Dwells in the Shadows of the Net -- CHAT! CHAT! CHAT!”

Is this a clipshow? A recap in more western terms? As cyberpunk from Japan, Ghost in the Shell has always been a strange breed — the pure and yet the fusion. 1,070 more words

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Ghost In The Shell - A Movie Review

Ghost In The Shell has an awful lot more nipple in it than I was expecting. I understand why a cyborg with an invisibility cloak for skin might want to be naked for practical reasons, since you’d get just an unnervingly unhelpful floating clothes effect a la Hawley Griffin. 1,060 more words

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15. Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence

The original Ghost in the Shell is a compact, dense, and complex film. It’s a solid unit of artistic storytelling, so perfectly composed and self-contained, despite being connected to a manga series and eventual franchise. 800 more words

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