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PC FPS Ghost In The Shell just announced!

Nexon just announced a new FPS in the vein of Ghost  In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex.  All I can say is:  TACHIKOMA!!!!

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Angel's Egg

I’ve been learning about and watching a lot of Mamoru Oshii recently, famed anime director of  Ghost in the ShellPatlabor 2, and other anime classics. 273 more words


Ghost In The Shell MMO Trailer.

A lot of people seem to be saying this looks like a generic shooter, now that even Call of Duty is giving players super strength and jetpacks and that kind of stuff. 175 more words


Ghost in the Shell thoughts...

After learning that Scarlett Johansson could potentially star as the leading role in a Ghost in the Shell movie, I decided to go check out the story of this classic masterpiece. 161 more words


Ghost in the Shell Arise

One of the things I like most about the actual product, and not just the films themselves is that the box has a reflective glow that really makes it stand out. 278 more words


Ghost in the Shell:Online MMOFPS. Were all screwed

News has hit me of a new online Ghost in the shell game but guess what, if you don’t use Windows then your can’t play (well there are ways around it but thats not the point. 33 more words