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Episode 24: “IN: Aerial Bombing of Dejima -- NUCLEAR POWER”

“…people who wish to reset the world.”

And again, the bridge comes down. The tanks fall down on each other like the Brontosauruses in Peter Jackson’s… 1,461 more words

Ghost In The Shell

Ep. 39 - Ghost in the Shell SAC: Solid State Society

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The Major returns for one last bout. This episode is more of a recap, in line with the written reviews, but there’s some analysis laced throughout like a finely laced sweatshirt. 138 more words

Ghost In The Shell

Episode 23: “IN: The Day the Bridge Falls -- MARTIAL LAW”

“I can’t have people like you die.”

During another cabinet meeting, Kayabuki’s favorite part of the day, am I right, she sees the message scrawled on the nuclear bomb in a photo from the scene. 2,114 more words

Ghost In The Shell

'ScarJo in the Shell'

“A few weeks ago, word shimmied down the digital grapevine that Hollywood has cast the lead role in its adaptation of the Ghost in the Shell manga, and brace yourself: she’s white. 91 more words

Film Musings

Ghost in The Shell and the Problem of Whitewashing - Rachel Cox

For those of you who don’t know, Ghost in the Shell was a manga (a Japanese comic) that first premiered in Young Magazine in May 1989. 890 more words


Episode 22: “DU: Abandoned City -- REVERSAL PROCESS”

“The fabrication of a mediator that’ll give rise to copycats…”

It’s ten o’clock on an empty subway platform. This may just be the beginning of some kind of revisionist Leone revisionist western. 1,654 more words

Ghost In The Shell

Episode 21: “IN: Escape in Defeat -- EMBARRASSMENT”

“How long’s this guy been running around without his frontal lobe?”

Sometimes in anime an episode will end with some last-minute events, and then the next episode will pick up with those same events, but edited differently, composing an implicit ‘previously on.’ I’ve always found this weird, as if there’s two different versions of the same events when certain things are out of order, or chronological scenes are removed. 1,907 more words

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