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[Ghost in the Shell] i can't be cool - English Adaption

I Can’t Be Tamed Saved

Original Title: i can’t be cool
Description: 攻殻機動隊 STAND ALONE COMPLEX(Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex)Insert Song
Performance/Lyrics: Ilaria Graziano… 407 more words


Top Ten Favorite AMVs on Youtube: #7 Three Different Anime featuring Saints of Los Angeles by Motley Crue

This AMV has three different animes in it. The first one is Ghost In the Shell with Major Kusanagi, which I like the most out of the three and was the first anime I ever watched. 102 more words

The Tragedy of Shirow Masamune - Going Too Far

I talked yesterday in length about how writers should look at trash in order to learn a few things about making our works memorable. If the writing is terrible, why does it leave an impression? 813 more words


Anime Movie Marathon Complete! - 14 Movies!

What a fantastic month I have had thanks to the vast amount of wonderful movies I had the privilege to watch. This marathon was one I was particularly excited for because I hadn’t seen many anime movies prior to this. 4,286 more words


Top Ten Favorite AMVs on Youtube: #10 Ghost In the Shell featuring Stronger by Kanye West

Ghost In the Shell was the first anime I ever saw about section nine keeping the peace in a futuristic Tokyo Japan. Stronger is a cover of a song that was originally made by Daft Punk by Kanye West, a famous rap music artist. 42 more words

The Two Cyberpunks

My first encounter with the cyberpunk genre was Ghost in the Shell. Or, rather, that’s when I first realized I was watching cyberpunk. I had seen The Matrix, and I had seen some cartoons parody the dark and gritty style. 946 more words


AN IMpressive Evolution of Animation

Fellow Collectibles,

I am writing to you in a state of depersonalization, which is the result of a traumatic research process.  If you need a visual, liken “the golden crowning” moment of miserable Viserys to information overload. 600 more words