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Who Said the British Don't Make Westerns! "The Good, The Bad, & The Spicy"!!

I got an email this morning from a Chillihead from the UK! Notice the different spelling from our Chilehead! I just think that is majorly cool! 173 more words

Week 19: Chilies vs. Peppers

What is the difference between chilies and peppers? They are actually the same thing and are differentiated by their potency. Chili peppers are fruit from the plant from the genus Capsicum which are members of the nightshade family. 708 more words


Watch a Review of MGSV... with a Bit of Spice

Although not a very detailed or enlightening review, watch Arin Hanson or “egoraptor” as he is also known as on youtube, review Metal Gear Solid V while eating a ghost pepper. 142 more words


The Little Pepper Plant That Could

As you are already aware, my first steps into the hydroponic arena have been more like a trip and a face plant.  I was in my grow room this past weekend and I had to declare defeat.   309 more words


Where have I gone?

Joe Dimaggio

Things have gone dark here for a while, and that is partially due to human weakness, but also due to much excitement. Last week I moved to… 88 more words