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Peach Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce Recipe

Lately hot peppers have come into prevalence for the everyday person, even Buffalo Wild Wings is starting to serve a ghost pepper sauce! If you’re already a chili head on top of loving food, you can experiment with making your own hot sauce to your own taste with my recipe. 465 more words

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Fire in the Hole: The Legend of the Ghost Pepper | WafflesatNoon.com

Here is another article I wrote for the ezine Waffles at Noon. “Once certified as the hottest pepper in the world, the bhut jolokia, or ghost chili pepper, produces oil called capsaicin which inflicts burning pain not unlike that of a tarantula’s venom. 45 more words

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Overwintering Peppers

Right around the end of July, I found myself almost unconsciously heading over to the local garden center. (I guess sometimes your love of gardening can make you do crazy things.) To my delight, I saw that they still had a variety of pepper plants. 612 more words

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#Breakfast #LookFitNaked

I can’t believe I finished the ghost pepper salsa! It was spicy and tasty with each and every scoop!

Sunday’s breakfast consisted of white toast, cheese, egg and avocado slices. 69 more words


The Funniest Ghost Pepper Challenge Ever


Have you ever wanted to see Andrew blubber like a baby, or Cameron scream out to the heavens. If so, watch us do one of the most classic youtube challenges of all time. 93 more words


Review: Tropical Pepper Company Ghost Pepper sauce

Ghost pepper sauce is made from the hottest peppers in the world – Ghost Pepper Naga Jolokia.

My boyfriend recently came back from America where he picked up a bottle of ghost pepper sauce for me to try. 109 more words