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Hijole! Tequila Con Inciendo...

Ashley Foods Releases a Potent Blend of Fire and Alcohol

Sudbury, MA (PRWEB) -The fabulous fire-crafting geniuses over at the Ashley Food Company are doing it again. 444 more words


¡El Temerario está Aquí

(Translation : The daredevil is here!)

Haha… I’m just kidding myself. I would probably be the opposite. One can call my mentality dipping your toes in the water but I take it as making precautions before I make a grave mistake. 339 more words

Habaneros, Ghosts and Scorpions... Oh My!

I try to know my limits.  How much can I eat without feeling stuffed and immobile?  How much can I drink without getting schnocked and then waking up hung over? 614 more words


The Carolina Reaper: the hottest pepper on earth

Last year, the Guinness Book of World Records decided that a little pepper grown in South Carolina was the hottest pepper on earth, beating out the infamous ghost pepper. 244 more words


Habanero #Pepper Experience

As the Fall Equinox was upon me and the Super Harvest Moon has already passed, I thought that it was only right that I harvest my Peppers during this special time of the changing of the seasons. 341 more words

Post #9: Eventful Days

Hello fellow WordPress users. I’m back after a while, and, if you guessed, I’m posting from college again, sitting next to one of my best friends… 218 more words


The Last Tomato Sandwich of the Summer

The equinox will be here in 2 days and it’s still summerlike in Virginia. Sadly, the garden is winding down. There’s stuff to harvest, but that won’t last too much longer. 46 more words