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“Follow your dreams”

What else is new on this rock? What could initially appear to be young women who are simply “out of it” surprisingly unravels itself to be something else. 83 more words

Comics 'N Stuff - Part Two

As I grew up, so did my taste in comics. I preferred to call them “Graphic Novels” because I was a bit pretentious back then! I could relate to Enid from Ghost World because like her I lived in a small town and I genuinely thought I had no future. 273 more words


Being a teenager living in the centre of a city in England, middle class suburban America couldn’t be further from reality for me.  But the suburbs that are a backdrop for the American Dream of the 50’s seem to be where most of my favourite films are located. 638 more words

Anything And Everything

An Ode to Vinyl

Came across this tonight. From Mennomail on Vimeo it’s a collection of scenes from films which feature records. There are some great images of course here, amongst these are the clips with a girl in glasses and Steve Buscemi. 39 more words


Ghost World (2001)

The pioneering film portrait of a distinctive, universal, and heretofore ignored teenage social class: the bitter, frumpy, snobbish, willfully unpopular “weirdos,” self-defined only in their disdainful opposition to their peers. 116 more words

High School Graduation