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Pretty Dang Positive I'm Psychic

It’s true, I have a sixth sense. I’m nearly sure of it. I love telling people because they’re always like “What? How?” and then I explain and they’re like “Whoa” and I’m like “I know” (I think I just did one of those white-girl things where they use the word “like” a lot to explain something but there’s actually minimal explanation being done). 647 more words


The Birthing House - Christopher Ransom

I bought this in a charity shop because I thought the plot sounded interesting but I have to say I was quite disappointed.

The story is all about Conrad moving into an old house with his wife and (you guess it) it’s haunted. 247 more words


You were standing
over my bed looking
down at my sleeping form.

Is it because I hadn’t
dreamt you in a while that
you came crawling home? 141 more words

Poem A Day

Bachelor's Grove: Most Haunted Cemetery in America

Hey everyone! A bit of housekeeping first. Yesterday I had my 50th post and broke my previous view record! 133 page views compared to 105 after I was published by Listverse, so that feels like an awesome thing since I haven’t been published in a while. 885 more words

Daily Words

Hotel del Coronado: Next stop on my haunted world tour

From my explorations of Bachelor’s Grove, I’ve visited numerous other purportedly haunted places. I plan on dropping some knowledge bombs about them in this continuing series. 626 more words

Daily Words