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Nightmare Journal: Another Normal Bizarre Dream - in English

Normal Bizarre Dream? Because my dreams are normally weird.

Part One

It was a test – sport major – in our coach’s house. Before we go to his house, we gathered at a cafe together so we can go together to the test place. 1,169 more words

Dream Journal

#530 - Start a Story with the Line...

…”Everyone whispered about _______, but no one had the courage to talk to her.”

Everyone whispered about Michelle, but no one had the courage to talk to her. 

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Wordplay: Xcel vs Ghost

World Battle League is Philly based which is pretty dope for the city. This is the first battle that I’ve seen from them that I absolutely dig. 13 more words


Empathy - Chapter 1

Fear and anger are powerful weapons. The Black Knight Rorth had learned both of those lessons very well in his life. He killed with a sword, but won a battle with rage. 3,896 more words

The headless man

The headless man strides down the road towards me. Sure, decided steps. Then the streetlight behind him shines through his umbrella. Relief.


Review: Ghost (SBS, 2012)

Warning: This review contains specific spoilers from the first two episodes of the drama

This was an interesting ride.

Despite my general wariness towards police/investigation shows due to their repetitive (and, quite frankly, dull) nature, I decided to give  1,575 more words

Daniel Choi