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Ghostbusters Keymaster helmet - Toddler Activities for Dads

I love Ghostbusters! And I’m hoping that I can spread the passion for this 80’s cult classic to my next generation. This week’s fine motor skills developing activity is based on… 370 more words


What If Part 7: Movies & Dr. Seuss Mashups

The last what if looked at what if you’re favorite horror films of today were released in the era of VHS getting the retro VHS look. 120 more words


New Project: Comic Book Crossover- Ghostbusters/Back To The Future

Greetings once again. I currently find myself in a lull as the Lightrider sequel is being edited. As such, I’ve found a new project to occupy time between books. 164 more words


The Honest Trailer For 'Ghostbusters' Arrives Just In Time For Ghostbusters Day

Ghostbusters Day is this Thursday, so Screen Junkies dropped a timely new Honest Trailer about “the classic paranormal comedy that launched one really disappointing sequel. Maybe two…” Yeah, they’re… 123 more words



Because, coo.

They are for my Ghostbusters scene!

3d Modelling

There Was A Surprising Amount of Smoking in Ghostbusters

Did I ever tell you that I met Ernie Hudson once? Winston was my favorite Ghostbuster as a kid, and Ernie Hudson made a guest appearance last year at Scare-a-Con, a horror convention that’s held near me every year. 170 more words



LEGO’s own Cuusoo-created official 21108 Ghostbusters Ecto-1 set has been a riotous hit, and it received a full compliment of points here at TLCB in our set review. 82 more words