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Hey Dad


Hey Dad – I can’t believe it’s been nine days since you left this world.  It’s still a little hard to believe and hits me like a baseball bat every now and then.  97 more words

Robert the Doll

In the late 1800s, Thomas Otto and his family moved in to a mansion at the corner of Eaton and Simonton streets in Key West, Florida now known as the Artist House. 805 more words


KPR Intro

Here’s the intro clip that I edited together last night for KPR. Let me know what you think!

Knox Paranormal Researchers

Tower Hill Road

April 15, 2014

I always felt early Spring to be the most haunting time of year back home. Something about the stark nakedness of the skeleton maples, grey bones reaching up to the bright, often cloudless blue sky, begging for leaves. 538 more words

95 Hellbound

Story time with Meow Meow

Even though he was translucent, I could feel how freezing cold his hands were. I could’ve kicked myself for trusting this strange ghostly child, but it was too late now. 1,958 more words

Favorite things #2 and #3

I’m a scaredy cat. Like I live alone and am convinced I’m gonna get kidnapped at least 3 times a week

But I do love scary and haunted things. 138 more words