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The Indie Shelf: Stairs

Hello everybody! On this week’s Indie Shelf, we have a independent horror game called Stairs.


Developer: GreyLight Genre: Adventure Status: In Development

In Stairs, you play Peter Johnson, a journalist investigating the paranormal activity taking place in an abandoned factory. 253 more words


The Conjuring

The Conjuring. Yes! A great horror movie worthy of an extra pair of boxers. Had I drank another ounce of Tempranillo red, I would’ve wet my britches on this one. 78 more words


This Old House by A. Jarrell Hayes

Ms. Jackson has inherited a house from one of her relatives. When she goes to inspect it, she uses her Sense to communicate with the spirit and memories that reside in the house.

Chapbook – $2.00
eBook – FREE

A. Jarrell Hayes

Transcript of BBC Interview with the Ghost of Mister Ed

The following is a transcript from the remaining uncorrupted part of a recording found by two Burbank teens exploring an abandoned office building slated for demolition. 1,378 more words


#FF Pint - Rhatas, by Black Dog Brewery, Whitby...

The mythical Black Dog holds a prominent place in old English folklore. There are regional – but similar – variations of this muscular, spectral lupine beast with long, sharp fangs and glowing red eyes, which preys on weary travellers. 939 more words


Taxi For Ghosts

Going again
look beside me
a pack of smokes
polka dot lighter with two birds.

These are my passengers

Don’t need a map
to know I’m lost… 208 more words


Rock Paper Podcast (Inside the Episode) - Episode 9 Paranormal Task Force

So I noticed I’m slacking a great deal on writing this blog, and I think I may have only done one so far, but hopefully I can get back on track. 539 more words

St. Louis