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Fright Rags Team Up With Ghoulish Gary Pullin And Jason Edmiston For A Misfits Double Feature!!

Since 2003 Fright Rags have been committed to producing the best Horror inspired t-shirts and art. Working with some of the best artists from around the world, their… 139 more words

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Embodied in the crevice of my soul is longing.
To be beside and see behind the shimmering facade of your ghoulish guise.
Tell me all that you are and ever will be, let me be one with your soul oh you worst of foes. 65 more words


Mental Relapse (original)

Perhaps the flow of adrenaline that seeped into my veins came to a halt upon my encounter, for my emotions had found direction and my heart its home. 410 more words

Short Stories

#hap2014 - 062 - Moose

Always good to start with a legend. According to themselves, (Ha! That’s how you start legends – you just make them up like the one time I accidentally invented bubble wrap) the term “shoegaze” was coined because the journalist in question mocked their singer for constantly looking down on the lyrics that had been taped to the stage floor. 91 more words