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Nostalgia: New Version

While we were shifting, I found something which was thought to be lost, a memory of something which goes back fourteen to fifteen years or so, and the one reason for which there will be more nostalgia than most of the things of that time. 545 more words


G.I. Joe: Sigma 6

I couldn’t do it. After two and a half episodes, I just couldn’t deal with this 2005 incarnation of GI Joe, offered by GONZO studios (Japan) to go with Hasbro’s toy line of the same. 251 more words

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G.I. Joe: Extreme

Tell me why this one was considered a Joe line at all? Oh, yeah.. Stone and Savage.
This was one I did NOT watch in its original run. 270 more words

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G.I. Joes: Renegades

I did say I’d be back once I re-watched this one, so I could compare it to both the Sunbow and the DiC versions. Well, I did manage to watch the entire 26 episodes. 188 more words

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