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Adventures in Fan Fiction Writing

Picture, if you will, a female medic who is 5’2″. She has a nice big orderlie to help her get two tall, well-muscled Joes from beds to wheelchairs. 125 more words


Adventure Team Theater


Adventure Team Theater

Visions Of GI Joe’s Adventure Team 30 more words

1970's Comic Books

Action Figure Collection

I amassed a little collection of Action Figures.  Some of these pieces like the Matrix APU are so fragile and delicate that their production was canceled due to most of them arriving in stores already broken.  160 more words


GI Joe The Rise of Cobra Stats and Records

Stats time!

PS3 Trophy% 41%

Stage Stats Briefcases Info Cards Contact Tags Ranks

Arctic 1 2/2 3/3 1/1 3/5
Arctic 2 2/2 3/3 0/0 3/5… 18 more words

Game Records

Random Thought of the Day

If they were real, GI Joe’s budget would have been astronomical.


Standing in the Mud

The fourth installment in Operation Pork Chop Sandwiches features Fukurou (pronounced Fu-ku-rew), the ageless guardian we previously revealed in a post on character design. Here we provide more info on Fukurou’s backstory and get a first look at the old sage in living color! 39 more words