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What's your favorite guard to play from?

That’s cake. For me, that would be THE ACID GUARD muhaha. Never heard of it? Well, let these fine gentlemen from Newaza show you a thing or two. 313 more words

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

GI Soft Bland Diet

By: Nikki Nies

 A gastrointestinal (GI) Soft Bland Diet is commonly used for a variety of consumers, patients and reasons.  I recognize the GI Soft Bland diet is a long name for someone to adhere to, yet the use of it is multifaceted.   371 more words

Nikki Nies

Welcome to the Grind

Whether you have just begun embarking on your Jiu Jitsu path or have made some incredible strides in your endeavors (kudos to both), I think we can all agree on one simple principle: Life without this sport would not be worth living at all. 762 more words

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Day 9 (gi class) - 15 September 2014

Focus tonight was on knee ride position.

Started with a drill:

  1. Start in side control.
  2. Put hand closest to their legs on the far hip and other hand on near shoulder.
  3. 570 more words

MSgt Jackson (Jack) Otis US Air Force (1957-1980)

Personal Service Reflections of USAF Airman:

MSgt Jackson (Jack) Otis

US Air Force



I first enlisted in the Army National Guard while in high school and attended summer camp at Fort Hood. 1,711 more words

Air Force

Day 7 (gi class) - 10 September 2014

Another extended warm up with shrimping (must practice), backwards shrimping, and BJJ burpees. Also some pummelling, and grip fighting.

Focus was on butterfly guard.

First step was an arm drag when your partner is in your butterfly guard: 289 more words


Day 6 (gi class) - 8 September 2014

An extended warmup including:

  1. shrimping (note: bridge and then stay up as you shrimp your hips out),
  2. backwards shrimping,
  3. BJJ burpees, and
  4. side mount flow drill (Note: as they’re coming into side mount turn up on your side and get the underhook before they settle their weight on you, shrimp your hips out, then get to your knees).
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