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1) ULCERATIVE COLITIS- (sulfasalazine most effective to maintain remission)

  1. Well balanced diet
  2. Colectomy if
    1. refractory to medical Tx or
    2. if have cancerous changes
  3. Colonoscopy surveillance recommended starting…
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Peptic Ulcer Disease - BC Guideline

Lifestyle Modifications:

  1. Avoidance of foods that aggravate dyspepsia,
  2. Smaller meals,
  3. smoking cessation,
  4. d/c NSAIDs if possible

Empiric versus Test-and-Treat strategy

  1. Empiric tx strategy:
    1. PPI OD or H2RA BID, x 4-8 wk…
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GERD - BC Guideline

Recommend lifestyle modifications:

  1. weight control
  2. reduce alcohol/tobacco/caffeine
  3. avoid lying down within 2 hrs of eating and elevate head of bed
  4. avoid food triggers such as spices, peppermint, chocolate, citrus juice…
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Abdominal Pain

1 Given a patient with abdominal pain, paying particular attention to its location and chronicity:

a) Distinguish between acute and chronic pain:

Arbitrary distinction, 6-12 wk for chronic pain… 759 more words

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Straight Up Stressing

I had my GI appointment 2 weeks ago and my follow-up is Monday. Nerves of whimsical dandelions, not steel. I’m terrified and anxious. We’re going to discuss the results of my blood test and I just want them to tell me I’m healthy and always will be. 100 more words


One Team One Dream, Baby

Today, for the first time since embarking on my Jiu Jitsu journey, my belt has some added weight to it. My very first two stripes, I could not do this without my family and my team. 38 more words

Female Bjj

For Sale!

While doing a few loads of laundry on Thanksgiving weekend, I decided to clean out my closet of BJJ gis that I hadn’t worn for a while.  507 more words

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