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Chupacabra Terror (2005)

Ah, SyFy Channel. When I feel ill, your films provide the barest minimum entertainment possible while not being too complicated or difficult for the fevered brow to understand. 416 more words


Giancarlo Esposito panel - Armageddon Expo (Auckland) 2014 Day 2

A very interesting man, and very down to Earth too! Unfortunately I could only stay for half of his panel because I had to go to the photo booth. 51 more words

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I Love the Smell of Nerds in the Morning

I thought the name for this post was really clever. I went to Armageddon this weekend, which is basically the only pop culture expo that New Zealand gets. 961 more words

Story Time

Night on Earth (1991)

My 2014 nosedive into all things Jim Jarmusch continues with Night on Earth. Is this guy capable of making a movie I don’t like? The vignette structure is developed from both Stranger Than Paradise and Mystery Train and points towards what he would do later in Cigarettes and Coffee. 358 more words

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This kitty accidentally stepped on a bee


I haven’t had dinner cos I was so busy playing The Sims. When all else fails, at least my life in there’s okay lol and I’m a damn good cook, gardener, author and fisher/angler!

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"Damn! Those funky bastards are going to pay!" and More

Now that I’m back to living a normal, healthy life, I’ll revert back to what I originally intended to do with this blog, and that is introduce the creativity of others, as well as my own, to the world, and hopefully frame it in a way that is entertaining and informing. 666 more words