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An Interview with Matthew Gavin Frank

Matthew Gavin Frank left home at age seventeen to travel and work in the restaurant industry. He ran a tiny breakfast joint in Juneau, Alaska, worked the Barolo wine harvest in Italy’s Piedmont, sautéed hog snapper hung-over in Key West, designed multiple degustation menus for Julia Roberts’s private parties in Taos, New Mexico, served as a sommelier for Chefs Rick Tramonto and Gale Gand in Chicago, and assisted Chef Charlie Trotter with his Green Kitchen cooking demonstration at the Slow Food Nation 2008 event in San Francisco. 1,972 more words

Writers On Writing

How to Create Space for Digression

For certain kinds of readers and writers, the best part of any book (often literary, though not always) is not a moment of supreme tension or complex gathering of plot strands. 1,220 more words

Creative Writing Prompts

Giant Squid

Giant Squid, entangling prey.

Swimming, wrestling, squirming away.

Sailing through water with effortless ease,

Escape, survival? Futile to flee.

 Seaweed fields up and down,

Resonating, moving with waves making sound. 60 more words


Little Bits of Giant Squid

I recently attended a Nature Live talk at the Natural History Museum, titled The Natural History of Giant Squid. The talk was by Jon Ablett, curator of molluscs at the museum, and promised to share knowledge of this elusive sea monster through bits and pieces found washed ashore, taken from the belly of a whale and dredged up from the bottom of the ocean. 986 more words

The Devil and Other Sea Monsters

Last night’s dreaming took me back to Brighton.  At the end of second year, or some other indefinable time in an abstract representation of the truth, my friends left our home and settled away together whilst I was left in a dark, stone hovel with a looming shark tank.  466 more words


Dreamer - A Fifth Grader and a Giant Squid

The white board isn’t decorated all that well…

It isn’t usually, I fully admit I’m no artist. Just a single word: POND, with the O turned into a little blue pond, surrounded with green reeds, a purple fish, and a little red stick figure with a fishing pole.The stick figured has a hat too. 1,610 more words

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