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10 Infrequently Suspected Deadly or Vicious Animals

The dangers presented by a tiger or Great White Shark are immediately apparent to humans, and contributes to the persecution and decline of these species. However, we must look far beyond the obvious, for a host of unlikely, strange or lesser known creatures offer equally unexpected harm, and even death. 1,252 more words



If you haven’t checked it out today then click here to see my update on my Honorary Super-Doctorate.   Medicinal Margarita Madness and mandatory napping will commence as soon as the mail arrives.   231 more words

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Giant Squid Attack!

Greenpeace reports that one of their vessels (a submarine) was attacked by a giant squid in the Bering Sea.

Video Credit: Greenpeace

Captain Nemo was unavailable for comment.


How I Met My Husband

I haven’t answered any emails or questions lately so here’s a good one.

Dear Taylore,

How did you meet your husband? And more importantly, how did you know he was the one? 389 more words


Monday 13th October 2014

Ireland set to close the ‘Double Irish’ tax loophole to ease pressure from the EC


Phase out anticipated to help Apple, Google and others adjust. 2,558 more words

Giant Squid attacks submarine in the Bering Sea

This is a cute video of a giant squid attacking a submarine in the Bering Sea. It is the body of water separating Russia and Alaska. 164 more words


8th Annual KreweDCM Halloween Parade: The Drowned World

KreweDCM is happy to announce their 2014 Halloween Parade theme, “the Drowned World”

Join KreweDCM this Halloween for a macabre maritime voyage beyond the seven seas and into a heretofore unknown 8th haunted ocean, the Dead Green Sea. 148 more words

Parade Planning