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Nameless Beauty (Poem-A-Day 13)

For today’s prompt, write an animal poem. Pick a specific animal or write about your animal spirit. Maybe you’ll get tricky and write about mustangs (meaning the car) or jaguars (meaning the American football team). 94 more words


Giant Squid Found

                                               Sea creatures of all shapes and sizes have forever amazed me. When I was a little boy I just loved going to marine land back home and looking at creatures that I normally saw only on television. 61 more words


That’s how much of the ocean we have explored. There is still a lot out there to know and learn. A really excellent TED talk with Edith Widder.

Brain Soup


Scampi: This discussion is about arms.  Arms are required.

Peter: Arms are very helpful.

Scampi: Yes, they are.  They are sometimes necessary.

Peter: Mm.

Scampi: The long arm of the law.  1,055 more words


Murder your darlings.

Quite a jarring statement if you haven’t heard it before. Never fear: It’s a writing thing. Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch, a British journalist, critic, novelist, and professor gave the following advice: 518 more words


Humility. And Squid.

Writing can be an exercise in humility. When I first set out to write my current story, I was overwhelmed by ideas. The story haunted me for two years before I set anything down on paper. 499 more words