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Sardines and Playmobil

Have you ever seen such huge playmobil?! And let’s not ignore the fact that Norway has the best Sardine Cannery Museum I’ve ever seen! The place still has proper working machinery, and the smokehouse is still used regularly! 75 more words


Jötunn (Flash Fiction)

A challenge posted to me from Writer’s Carnival: The challenge was as follows: “You’re the proud new parent(s) of a little bundle of joy, only you discover after the first night home that your baby is growing at a phenomenal rate.   1,238 more words


Clothes are Media Too 2: Fashion and Style

Consuming: Tapas at Cafe Espanol. Brunch at French Roast on the Upper West side. The Blues Brothers which Chris had never seen. Giant, which neither of us had seen. 1,508 more words

The Giant is playing Second half

Equally as it is brought out in previous articles, July 2014 is kind of forecast for the succeeding year. What exactly does it mean?  Life in the year 2015 will develop in a way you can see now. 219 more words

9KI Energy

The Architecture Of Sim&oacuten V&eacutelez Pioneers "new Approaches Of Utilizing Giant Bamboo" by Home Decoration and Design

Bamboo architects: groundbreaking bamboo architect Simón Vélez, who describes the material as “vegetable steel”, has constructed a trio of experimental structures at Domaine de Boisbuchet in France (+ slideshow + interview). 26 more words

Extinct giant sea scorpion gets an eye exam, with surprising results

Date: July 10, 2014 Source: Yale University Summary: Poor peepers are a problem, even if you are a big, bad sea scorpion. One minute, you’re an imperious predator, scouring the shallow waters for any prey in sight. 31 more words

Fogging Nozzle

Opposites attract


Size doesn’t matter. Newlyweds Mr and Mrs Hedley could have told you that. He was more than 6ft tall. She was 32 inches high.

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