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A Selfie Quest for Hotdogs; Hanging out at the Hot Dog Department

We haven’t been to a hot dog shop for a few days and I was missing the thrill. Then it came to me, “Go hang out at the grocery store hot dog department!” Brilliant. 242 more words

Hot Dog

Maur Giant

Maur Giant

Also known as hunched giants the maur giants live in the Underdark. they have light gray skin and are very stooped in their posture. 94 more words

Creatures Of Esperia

Jajanan SD merambah supermarket

Pernah enggak kalian nemu uang yang  ketinggalan di saku celana? Saya pernah, dan rasanya seperti menemukan harta karun, padahal sih duit saya sendiri, hihi..

Nah, perasaan WoW setelah menemukan… 154 more words

Short story #3

Anna emptied the bucket over the fence, without looking where the garbage was landing. The wind stirred and her unpinned hair stuck to her wet face. 380 more words

Fairy Tale

The Big Cute

What’s not to love?

Aren’t they adorable?

We saw an adult version this morning occupying the entire back of a pick up truck.
The owner, a woman about our age, was taking her dog to work, and as she used to berth a boat here, the Manager has allowed her to park her car and walk her dog to the relevant workplace just around the corner. 111 more words

Awesome prank: Turning the entire house into a giant ball pit!

YouTube prankster Roman Atwood gets what life is all about: ball pits. So, he turned his entire house into one! 48 more words


From Leather to Lycra

I hate the label “mid life crisis”!

I don’t think I was having one when I bought the Harley at age 45, but I was probably a perfect fit for the stereo typical label. 739 more words

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