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World's best story?

Best story in the world?

That’s a difficult one. It’s hard enough to narrow those sort of lists down to ten or even twenty.

But Canadians Vincent Salera and Thomas Lefebvre have launched a competition to find the world’s best story. 604 more words


Quick visit to Gibraltar!

After Tangier, our next stop in our European adventure is Gibraltar, a UK territory in the south of Spain. Gbiraltar is about 45 minutes east of Tarifa. 148 more words


Summer hours

I was dreading physio.

I felt as though another GA and op would be preferable.

The appointment was made. I counted off the days and decided each day would be an opportunity to practise a stagger/limp/hobble. 1,555 more words


Saturday snippets from the sofa

Our government tells us that we have a huge surplus, said one of Partner’s construction workmates who he met in the street.

I looked up the budget speech (held 30 June). 1,175 more words


Weekend post from the sofa

All bloggers are writers. Some good, some mediocre, some bad, and some truly abysmal.

This weekend’s post from the sofa is inspired by a couple of authors whose blogs I’ve commented on this week. 1,260 more words


F***** on Friday

Feeble actually. Feeble every day, although my fit un-feeble appearance is proving to be a disadvantage.

Tuesday it was back to the hospital. No wonder they have long waiting lists the amount of time they are spending on me. 1,894 more words


Fragile at fifty

It felt like the end of term. Two whole weeks away from hospital. No prodding and poking and yanking and tiny pricks.

Except … There was a message on the answerphone. 1,409 more words