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Dying to try it or trying to diet?

I never saw a purple cow
I never hope to see one
But I can tell you anyhow
I’d rather see than be one

This quaint rhyme was hung around the neck of a rather pretty purple faux suede cow that my mum bought me when we were on holiday in Cornwall.

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Tales from the concierge

Although sometimes it feels more like the Conciergerie.

There are pros and cons to managing the block.

One, is that, as chair of the management committee and budget holder, I am in charge, which is nice. 1,472 more words


New aloe aloes?

Two of the worst jobs in a newspaper office arrive together at the year end: the new year’s honours list and the annual review. You have to be very unlucky – or very unpopular – to get both of them. 1,499 more words


Season's Greetings

My last words will not be: ‘I wish I’d spent more time dusting.’

However, I did feel guilty every time I looked at poor Christmas cactus. 166 more words


Ho Ho Ho ... or ... What do you want for Christmas?

I gazed blankly at my neighbour (aged 60 plus) standing in my doorway dressed in a Santa outfit. In fact, he made quite a good Santa. 1,200 more words