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For sale: one woman, hardly used or abused

Blogging friend Makagutu mentioned the abolition of bride price in part of Uganda, ie you pay to buy a woman.

In our discussion, he asked how we could counter the view that even women approve of bride price. 1,213 more words


Gib misinformation...

‘Mustafa’s dead,’ said Chair. No idea how his name is spelt, but it sounds like chair, so chair it is.

Partner had bumped into him down Main Street, as you do. 1,858 more words


Houdinis in Gibraltar

In which our heroine wastes half a day to be told the blatantly obvious.

Three health appointments in a week is no fun. It disrupts me from my idle sofa routine, it disrupts my dogs – Snowy doesn’t like to see me being taken away by the ambulance crew – and it most definitely disrupts my partner. 2,257 more words


1st August - Yorkshire Day

HAPPY YORKSHIRE DAY to all Yorkshire folk wherever you may be living :-)
Very patriotic us Tykes!

I don’t think there is another county in the UK that has a special day. 214 more words

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An excellent post from Vicky summing up the sense of Yorkshire pride in our home county. I too rebelled against the 1974 Local Govt Act that took away our precious Ridings and always addressed mail to my parents in the West Riding. Not West Yorkshire. It was a very big issue. It still is. So this reblog, thanks to Vicky, is not just for her, but also for Dawn in Queensland, Aus; Sandra in Spain up the road from me, and Kev who is actually in 'Ull. The only one of us in Yorkshire. Like Vicky they are all from the East Riding, whereas I'm from t' mill towns in t' West Riding. And to everyone who supported the Yorkshire start to the Tour de France, you did our county proud.

World's best story?

Best story in the world?

That’s a difficult one. It’s hard enough to narrow those sort of lists down to ten or even twenty.

But Canadians Vincent Salera and Thomas Lefebvre have launched a competition to find the world’s best story. 604 more words