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A Slight Intermission

I am as giddy as a kipper.



Why’s that?

Because tomorrow we are going on holiday.  *grins widely*

So there will be a whole week where my little meanderings will be absent from your life. 47 more words

A Simple Gamble

Bronze and copper leaves
trade places giddily, lucky
penny waits on rake


say my name say my name

My co-worker is expecting. A baby. I had to add the baby part in there just in case you thought she was expecting a penguin or a sack of potatoes or something (because that’s exactly what would have come to my mind had someone not clarified for me. 566 more words


I Feel Like a Kid in a Candy Shop!

 My phone “chimes” each time I have a like, comment or follow on my blog. It just chimed for the 200th like on thegrizzlegrist. I’m sure I won’t keep the chime once this blog gets “REALLY” popular (my goal: 100 follows in 6 months), and it desires to chime all through the day; however, while I am still a novice, and it only chimes a few times throughout my day, I feel like a kid at Christmas time. 86 more words

Small Things

Laughing Ladies

Strolling around the corner

in the Jardin du Luxembourg

I can hardly believe my eyes -

four of you

ensconced upon your marble bench

emitting laughter and joy… 96 more words

Soulful Moments

Fluttering heart can’t be stop

When you’re near

I fear you’re about to hear

Step by step

We’re inching closer

Though not fully

As distance was made clearly… 84 more words



Dear Friends,

This will be the 100th Drawpo post. Thank you for all the likes and the follows; I am greatly encouraged. I never, never thought I would reach this far. 91 more words