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I love facts. I love SCIENCE = best flashing iPad sign at People's Climate March!

This was ultimately my favorite sign of the whole march. Not only is it environmentally friendly, its flashy, to-the-point, and involves someone professing their love for SCIENCE! 8 more words


Josh Donaldson Delivered an Epic Bat Flip on a Walk-off Home Run

Josh Donaldson, the Oakland third baseman, smashed a Miguel Gonzalez pitch over the center-field fence in the 10th inning against Philadelphia. The home run was Donaldson’s 3rd walk-off this season, and secured an 8-6 win for the A’s. 42 more words


A Community of Subs and Dubbs

Community is famous for its cult-like following, and the writers acknowledge that by feeding the fans’ thirst for character stereotyping through repetitive quotes and reactions. This creates a breeding ground for gifs, gifs that depict Troy as being distressed or confused, Shirley trying to control her emotions through religious motivation, and Abed in his eternally neutral state of observation broken only by his catchphrase “Cool, cool, coolcool.” Patrick Dawson defines a meme as a “joke, which gains influence through online transmission.” I believe this definition is applicable to gifs as well, for there is a fair share of gifs equivalent in popularity to Bachelor Frog and Insanity Wolf. 389 more words

The Limitations of the Common Man's GIF.

Gifs promote communication over the Internet by allowing reference. Gifs may hold social meaning on many different levels ranging from a video that simply looks cool, clips from media that are used as reactions, and clips whose context is relevant to what is being responded to. 393 more words