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I Have A Special Holiday Gift For You All Over On My Other Blog...

I had planned on releasing a special short story on Christmas Day for all my readers.  The original idea had been to release it on Smashwords for free, in order for everyone to take advantage of their new Nooks, Kindles, I-Pads, etc.   279 more words

A Gift for Me

Holidays…you are memorable and tiring at the same time. Fun and yet stressful too. So with these mixed-message days upon us, I decided to give myself a gift this year. 239 more words


An incr-ED-ible gift.


I didn’t know how to start this post, so I figured pineapples are always a good way to start things.

This year I am spending the holidays in France with my family, and being here is a  199 more words

The Here And Now


I think that Zig Ziglar is spot on with this quote. Does anyone else feel this way?

The best things in you, you see in other people. 72 more words

It's Christmas!

This week is Christmas week. We are buying gifts for loved ones, chocolates and we are happy.

But what are we celebrating this week? If it is really Jesus’ birthday that we celebrate where are His gifts? 123 more words


Christmas Ball Mobile

Year ten was this mobile in a clear glass ball. Wire and snowflake charms with a Christmas tree at the bottom make up the mobile part. 90 more words