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The Best Hideout in the World

By Zadra Rose Ibañez

“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside a dog, it’s too dark to read.” – Groucho Marx… 506 more words


Hands on Learning - The Science Museum

One of Madison’s favorite places is the local Science Museum. We make several visits throughout the year. The weekend before our school started we visited to make sure we were able to catch the traveling Dinosaur exhibit before it moved on. 93 more words


Difficulty for CogAT Kids

For some CogAT kids, this is a difficult Labor Day. That’s because these kids are heading into a new school year without the support they desperately need – and as a result they’re going to be in for a world of hurt and disappointment, especially when they go to take the CogAT test. 262 more words


Portraits of Gifted: God's Face

When I first met God I was sitting on an uncomfortable folding chair in a small loft in a small synagogue staring straight ahead and counting the lines on the wood paneling angled too close before me. 1,315 more words

The Mental and Emotional Component of the CogAT

A common problem for CogAT parents is figuring out, how do I emotionally and physically prepare my child for the CogAT test? Preparing academically for the CogAT test is one thing; after all, parents can use workbooks, … 298 more words


My New Book's Introduction

In our society, it seems that when people think of a gifted child, they primarily think that person is a high-achiever. They look for characteristics such as: good manners, a respect for authority, a desire to please his/her teachers, know the answers, do his/her homework, and strive for straight A grades. 635 more words

Gifted And Talented

Word garden: growing up gifted and learning disabled

I’m often asked what it felt like growing up as an unidentified gifted girl with special needs. With the start of a new school year, I decided it was a good time to consider the question and I was shocked how my mind immediately jumped to my disabilities, my downsides, my unfortunates; you know, those things which are the smallest part of you and yet successfully mask that which is ability, upside, and fortunate as a school-age child. 838 more words