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My New Book's Introduction

In our society, it seems that when people think of a gifted child, they primarily think that person is a high-achiever. They look for characteristics such as: good manners, a respect for authority, a desire to please his/her teachers, know the answers, do his/her homework, and strive for straight A grades. 635 more words

Gifted And Talented

Word garden: growing up gifted and learning disabled

I’m often asked what it felt like growing up as an unidentified gifted girl with special needs. With the start of a new school year, I decided it was a good time to consider the question and I was shocked how my mind immediately jumped to my disabilities, my downsides, my unfortunates; you know, those things which are the smallest part of you and yet successfully mask that which is ability, upside, and fortunate as a school-age child. 838 more words

Homeschooling Update - The End of Summer and Begining of Our New Adventure!

We have begun our first week of home schooling and it is awesome! I love seeing Madison so happy. I wanted to share what we have worked on and mastered up to this point so that I can continue with updates from this point on. 1,701 more words

Putting Your CogAT Child on the Path to Success

As I’m sure you (just like every CogAT parent) know by now, it’s that time of year again – Back to School time.

Maybe your CogAT child has started classes already. 300 more words


No Parenting Problems - Learning to Say "No" the Right Way


An affiliate of Starts at Home Leonard Mukai, Ph.D, has an excellent online program called No Parenting Problems. He and his wife Cecilia Mukai, Ph.D are giving this 30 day video presentation FREE to encourage and help parents;  he believes parenting “Starts at Home” and is sharing his program. 144 more words


Calm and Collected for the CogAT Test

Taking practice tests for the CogAT test before sitting down to actually take the exam is a great way to get your child ready for the exam. 313 more words


The Latest Review of My Book

I wanted to post this latest review of my book by Dr Ralph Caruana who once taught at Wake med where Kaitlyn went to med school. 381 more words