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Advocacy and the Gifted Teenager

By Min-Ling Li

Min-Ling is IEA’s Apprenticeship Program Coordinator. She joined IEA after teaching high school mathematics in Los Angeles. Her dedication to supporting high-potential students is rooted in her own experiences as a student who struggled to find outlets that nurtured her intellectual and social dispositions. 870 more words


The Daisy Charter: The Magna Carta of Gifted Children

This is my Charter. My Daisy Charter. Why daisies?  Because sometimes gifted children get overlooked, kicked under the bus so to speak. They are labeled (there’s that word again) as “just hyperactive”, “socially incompetent”, “emotional”, “overly sensitive”, and more. 755 more words


Should Your Child Take the CogAT Test?

Should my child take the CogAT test? This is a question many parents themselves in considering educational options for their child. If the CogAT test is a prerequisite for a gifted program, the obvious answer is that every child is different and will do best in a program that suits their unique talents and skills. 302 more words


Leaving Behind Normalcy: Asynchrony and the Gifted Child

By Brianna Safe

Brianna has worked at IEA since 2011 and with gifted students since 2009. She graduated from Biola University with her BA in Humanities and English in 2009 and is particularly interested in how literary art can inform issues in human psychology about how individuals conceive of themselves and make decisions. 736 more words


How gifted and talented programs are failing our kids

Take a minute and think about the most talented colleague at your office—not the most popular, not the nicest, but rather the smartest person who comes up with those unforgettable, out-of-the-box solutions. 2,873 more words

Believing in Your CogAT Child

It’s amazing the number of parents who don’t even consider the CogAT test for their child. Often, parents aren’t even aware that a G&T program is an option. 578 more words