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Gumballs and advocating for your gifted child

We are told that parents of gifted and twice exceptional children should be ready to advocate for gifted awareness, appropriate and specialized educational support, and educational policies which serve the needs of the asynchronous learner. 1,615 more words

Bully Bully Oxen Free!

I have big eyes. Some might even say they are frog-like. (And some did).

In fact, when I was in third grade, a clever boy created a comic strip called Frog-Eyez to celebrate what I suppose he thought was the awesome largeness of my eyes. 1,288 more words

More CogAT Apps for your Child

The post earlier this week on apps for to help prepare your child for the CogAT was so popular I have a second part. Educational apps can be a great diversion from more serious practice question preparation for the Cogat. 258 more words


Best Educational Apps for CogAT Kids

It can be confusing in this modern day exactly how much screen time you should give you child while studying for the CogAT. You read articles about how to limit screen time with your child because of how too much screen time can delay your child’s cognitive abilities. 255 more words



My heart hurts today.

My emotional overexcitability can be devastatingly impossible to deal with as a busy human who must get from point A to point B and point C and D and so on in the next 24 hours. 710 more words

What's the big deal about "Gifted" Programs?

*Disclaimer: This article is written purely based on personal experience and opinion. I am no expert on psychology, children or the education system.

At the age of 11 my mother and I both had enough of  my school. 942 more words