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An CogAT Guide to Surviving the Cold

It’s that time of year for CogAT parents again. The weather is getting colder and colder, and it’s only bound to get worse in the weeks and months ahead. 374 more words


A Sink Ronie

A Sink Ronie.  Asinkronie.  Asynchronous.  Asynchronous Learners.

Asynchronous is my new favorite word for gifted. Asynchronous Learner is, simply put, a child who develops in different things at different speeds and at varying abilities. 728 more words

Raising A Kid Who's Just Like You

What do you do when you’re excruciatingly sensitive, severely intense, outrageously curious, and wildly imaginative and you’re raising a kid who is JUST LIKE YOU? 445 more words

How to Combat the Naysayer CogAT Parent

In our last post, we discussed the “naysayer CogAT parents” who make up for their own children’s deficiencies not by better preparing them for testing and for school, but instead by tearing down other people’s children in an effort to put everyone on “equal footing.” 294 more words


Of Wool and Wisdom

I need a little light.

Things on this blog have gotten heavy.  Let’s continue down the path to a story of taking what you have, gathering your small but useful resources and benefiting yourself, your family, and your community. 1,300 more words

The Gift of Giving

By Louise Hindle, IEA Program Manager

It’s that time of year when we rack our minds to recall, imagine, or anticipate the ‘perfect’ gift. Whether that perfect gift is for a holiday party, for Christmas, for Hanukkah – it just is, unrelentingly, ‘that’ time of year. 1,128 more words


Little 6c

What is gifted and talented supposed to look like? What face is on the ideal lifetime of gifted contribution? Which pieces of the puzzle do learning disability, life circumstance, and opportunity support or hinder? 1,956 more words