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Separate and not Equal

Gifted children do not learn in the same manner as other children. In a standard school setting, that could mean disastrous for the sensitive young mind. 47 more words

Bright and Black? Good Luck

It’s hard enough finding quality education for a gifted youth, but what do you do if they are gifted and black?

Of course, if minority students are systematically denied the benefits of such programs—a more sophisticated curriculum, motivated peers and, in some cases, specially trained teachers—gifted education serves to increase the gap between them and kids who are already proficient and enjoy access to resources.

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Essential Skills for a Modern World

Again I’ve been disappointed while on the internet. I should know better than to expect scientific accuracy and critical thinking skills in the world of social media, where opinions are valued over truth, and truth is often “Because I said so” or “Because someone on the internet said so.” It’s circular reasoning reinforced by ego and emotion. 779 more words


Review: Models for Writers (Short Essays for Composition)

Perhaps the best part of teaching writing to other people’s children is the curriculum I accumulate along the way. Over the past two years, I’ve purchased more writing books than I could have ever justified buying for my two boys alone. 1,307 more words

Homeschooling High School

Unapologetically Unstructured - Our Curriculum and Routine (or lack thereof)

This time of year, all homeschool blogs look the same and simultaneously boast wild variations. It sounds impossible, but there is a perfectly sound explanation. Nearly every homeschool blog I’ve visited recently contains a post (or two or three) about curriculum choices for the new school year, weekly routines, and pictures of newly refurbished “school rooms” (these, I’ve come to learn, are rooms, parts of rooms, or temporarily altered space used to “do” school, and can range in style and substance from a decorated dining room table to a completely renovated basement). 3,628 more words

Passion-Driven Learning in Action - Adventures in the Land of Equestria


I wish I could say we made a natural and seamless transition from traditional education to our current model, but it was a much more gradual process. 1,401 more words

Passion-Driven Learning in Action - The Joy of Jam Hands and Diaper Malfunctions

Sometimes I can see a new interest developing in one of my children before they fully recognize it for themselves. It’s like magic to watch the smallest inkling of wonder evolve into a full fledged passion over time, and it requires an unreal amount of self-restraint on my part not to reach in and tug on that budding curiosity until it pops out like an overly loose tooth. 956 more words