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Wonder about Thinglink

Every month the gifted 6th grade students in our parish (district) are getting together to work on a collaborative project. We started this program four years ago as a way of overcoming 6th grade underachievement and to get all our students together for one purpose. 434 more words

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Confessions of a Former Gifted Kid

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve gone back to school and one of the classes I’m taking is on teaching highly able learners, more commonly referred to as gifted students. 688 more words


How Do You Paint Without a Paintbrush?

Student Examples:

1. Use a paintball gun.

2. Fill water balloons with paint and throw them at the walls.

3. Paint with a sword.

4. Explode a watermelon with paint inside of it. 86 more words


Excellence is Equity: Dr. Jim Delisle's Passionate Call to Fix America's School Systems

Dr. Jim Delisle opened his presentation in Boulder last week with stories illustrating institutional inequities and injustices countless children experience in American schools. Delisle spoke first of Jeff who in elementary school was endlessly curious about nuclear physics. 786 more words


Cash in on Learning: Inexpensive Field Trips to Engage and Enrich Gifted Students

Now that the school year is well underway, you may be noticing that some of your brightest students are flying through the introductory information or reviews that are prominent in the early fall. 1,359 more words

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Gifted Identification

Why is gifted identification important? Gifted identification not only provides a basis for school services but also helps a child understand his or her self. It can explain behaviors that are not universal to all children. 541 more words


Guest Post: Teach the Way They Learn

By Susan Winebrenner, author of Teaching Gifted Kids in Today’s Classroom

“If they are not learning the way we are teaching them, we must teach them the way they learn!” 586 more words

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