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Unapologetically Unstructured - Our Curriculum and Routine (or lack thereof)

This time of year, all homeschool blogs look the same and simultaneously boast wild variations. It sounds impossible, I know, but there is a perfectly sound explanation. 3,645 more words

Passion-Driven Learning in Action - Adventures in the Land of Equestria


I wish I could say we made a natural and seamless transition from traditional education to our current model, but it was a much more gradual process. 1,398 more words

Passion-Driven Learning in Action - The Joy of Jam Hands and Diaper Malfunctions

Sometimes, I can see a new interest developing in one of my children before they fully recognize it for themselves. It’s like magic to watch the smallest inkling of wonder evolve into a full fledged passion over time, and it requires an unreal amount of self-restraint on my part not to reach in and tug on that budding curiosity until it pops out like an overly loose tooth. 955 more words

What Kind of Homeschooler Are You?

Months before we started homeschooling, I started researching. As a result, I’ve become well acquainted with many different homeschooling methods. Classical, Charlotte Mason, Montessori, Waldorf, Unit Studies, Eclectic; I read up on all of them hoping to find the one that would be the driving force behind my daughters’ education. 800 more words

The Beginning of the End

It’s cliché to say that it happens when you’re not looking. It’s trite even think, as I look upon the young man who sits across the dinner table from me, that yesterday he was only ten or five or two. 959 more words


10 Tips for GiftedEd Advocacy in a Social Media World

As the school year begins, the season of advocating for an appropriate education for our gifted learners ramps up again. We’re connecting with new students, new teachers, new parents, and we’re growing ourselves and our schools on behalf of gifted learners. 344 more words

Shifting Schools

What if Special Education Students got Gifted Education Treatment?

Every Bell curve has two tails.  Every line has two ends.  In education, we have special needs students and gifted needs students*.  What if we switched the treatment for those groups? 972 more words

Advanced And Gifted Education