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Educators, We Need Your Help!

Complete a brief survey and add your voice to A Nation Empowered: Evidence Trumps the Excuses That Hold Back America’s Brightest Students This survey taps attitudes toward and knowledge of acceleration and preparedness to provide gifted education. 66 more words


Mom, could you homeschool me?

I knew we had to do something when, early in the school year, the younger son asked me to homeschool him.  When I asked him why, there was the range of answers that included he’s not looking forward to losing recess when he gets to middle school, he’d like to spend more time with me (obviously we’re nowhere being a teenager right now), and even wanting to finish college at 14 or 15. 575 more words


{GHF BLOG HOP} Major Themes Related to My Research on Gifted/2E Kids and Bullying

UPDATE: I’m hearing that some folks are having trouble commenting on this post due to some issues with WordPress. Feel free to talk with me on my… 1,558 more words

Homegrown Kids

Defined by a number

A recent heartfelt post about accelerating gifted kids up a grade caused a veritable tidal wave of responses. My innocuous little blog went crazy. In the first couple of days the post had around 600 views, and then it went really wild. 825 more words


Time to Shine - We Will Fuel Your RISE


Inaugural RISE IDEAS Retreat

An Integrated Development Experience for Altruistic Spirits

“It is vital we provide knowledgeable parenting, teaching and psychological support that is truly congruent with the needs of sensitive, intense, creative and dynamic learners…Lacking an informed and mindful approach we may inadvertently squander remarkable abilities and crush the animating essence at the core of their being that fuels their passion for learning and gives meaning to their existence.” 458 more words

Why I WILL accelerate my daughter, but won't tell you what to do with yours

Recently I read an article by Kerri Sackville entitled “Why you shouldn’t accelerate your child“. Now, to be fair, Kerri may not have chosen the headline for the article. 1,108 more words


Building Character & Fostering Cooperation

I believe in singing to such an extent that, if I were asked to redesign the British educational system, I would start by insisting that group singing becomes a central part of the daily routine. 1,478 more words