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I don’t know about you, but American schools have violated the Declaration of Independence and the Fourteenth Amendment of the US Constitution as they continued to separate the children under the Babylonian idea of who is gifted. 28 more words


Artists underestimate their giftedness. Maybe it’s because we tend to rely on the feedback of others for validation when really, art is art because it is art. 115 more words


IEA Summer Spotlight 2014

By Jennifer de la Haye

“I am happy to be in a room of too’s,” said Betsy Jones, IEA President, as we concluded IEA’s Summer Spotlight this year. 857 more words


UDL for the Gifted Classroom

Last year was my first time teaching a Gifted & Talented class…


Happy National Gifted Parenting Week

Several years ago, one of my favorite organizations, SENG, started National Gifted Parenting Week as a way to support parents of high potential children. THIS WEEK is the celebration for 2014. 216 more words


Want to Make 5th Grade Math Fun? Have an Alien Sock Hop & Martian Measurement Party!

Pretend your space craft has fallen through a tear in time and landed in you in 1950’s America.  Then, imagine aliens really did invade the Earth.  24 more words


Less Than 30 Days

I have less than 30 days to have some kind of schooling arrangements for my kids all their supplies bought and everything else they need. No big deal most would say but I have no clue where they will be going to school and I have no clue what they are going to need. 569 more words