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Beware: The Army of Nope

There’s a great video online of a bearded dragon marauding a field full of innocent crickets. The video has subtitles that give voice to the thoughts of both the dragon and the crickets. 813 more words

The solar system lesson!

Today was L’s presentation in the sixth grade classroom. Oh my goodness. I got my ab workout for the day through laughter!

When we decided that today was “the day” for the lesson, she decided she needed a formal lesson plan. 848 more words


Intense power of wordplay, a game for everyday

One to another in shouts and screams, mostly,

Mistakenly love finds it’s way in utter silence,

Often in the gifted gaps between asleep and awake… 28 more words





Went out today to pick up a piano.
Walked it down a hall followed by a shadow.
Took it down the stairs three men it took to lift; only two were present. 91 more words


Differentiation! Differentiation! Differentiation!

In class we have been talking a lot about differentiating instruction. In my practicum, I am in a language arts classroom. Occasionally I get to wander into the math and science classroom and take part in that class. 1,057 more words

Differentiated Instruction

the gift of hope

It’s because I choose to live with a smile.

It’s because I unabashedly hope.

It’s because I was raised by the strongest woman in the world… 105 more words

Is Grit More Important Than Intelligence?: How to Make Sure Our Children Have Both

By Mark Erlandson

Mark Erlandson, the parent of a gifted student who presently attends a boarding school out East, is a former lawyer and public high school English teacher from Wisconsin starting a new business as a legal writing consultant. 836 more words