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Anointed by God

This week’s Authentic Freedom Virtual Church service is LIVE. 

In this week’s service, focuses on the truth of our own unique giftedness and how each of us are anointed and called for a specific purpose in this life. 6 more words


Robin Williams, and I Hanging Out / Re-write

Robin Williams:

A good man, gifted,

gifting us through prolific imagination,

unleashed humor, amazing spontaneity …

So much written about R.W.  Thus, Solomon’s piece, at the core of my writing: “It’s all been said before.” 664 more words


Heads-Up, Fellow Bloggers

Hey, just wanted to give a heads-up to anyone who reads my blog … ever, at any time.  I am re-writing some of my posts, and re-posting them.   317 more words


Asynchronism: The Gifted Child Flipping a Switch

I think the hardest part of raising and teaching a highly gifted child is asynchronism. One moment she’s so mature and talking as if she is 20 and the very next second she is clapping and dancing around as if she was 3. 913 more words


A Whole New Outlook on Parenting a Highly Gifted Child

Parenting Madison brings a whole new definition to parenting. I am very grateful she is my child. I am envious of the outlook she has on life. 268 more words



This is the second of Martyn’s talks for the retreat I mentioned in the previous posting.  Please see that posting for full details.


‘And they presented unto him gifts of gold and frankincense and myrrh’… 606 more words

Thinking About Godstuff

Ministering Members

Consider the love of Jesus Christ for his church. He gave his life for her; no greater love has ever been displayed on earth or experienced by mankind . 785 more words