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The Fun Stuff - Homeschooling Activities

So by now I realize by my posts that it seems as all we do is formal learning and not a whole lot of fun stuff since I haven’t written about it. 634 more words

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The Gifted Child, the Perfectionist and Art Class

Madison enjoys her extra-curricular activities, especially her art class!

Here is Madison at art class:

Here’s the breakdown of the gifted child and perfectionism: Madison loves art. 455 more words

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Week Two and Three of Gifted Homeschooling 2014

I’m exhausted. My house looks like it was hit by a tornado. But, Madison is speeding along with her schoolwork happily. The things I have learned from week two and three of homeschooling are: 1,915 more words

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Discovering your unique "giftedness" (podcast)

On this talk show:  How to discover your special “giftedness”, why you are here, and your unique purpose! (Bill Hendricks)


Sept 11 Debbie podcast link


Mommy Book Report: The Spark: A Mother's Story of Nurturing, Genius, and Autism

The Spark: A Mother’s Story of Nurturing, Genius, and Autism

I picked up this book at the library almost by accident. I was perusing the special needs and health sections and the title jumped out at me- Genius and Autism in the same sentence? 359 more words


A Different Approach to Learning for Highly Gifted Homeschoolers

After the first week of homeschooling I fully realized why I decided to listen to my daughter and grant her request to learn at home versus a public school classroom setting. 738 more words

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