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Hands on Learning - The Science Museum

One of Madison’s favorite places is the local Science Museum. We make several visits throughout the year. The weekend before our school started we visited to make sure we were able to catch the traveling Dinosaur exhibit before it moved on. 93 more words


A certificate...

Received this Certificate yesterday, and felt so proud of my little boy. Including this certificate was an invitation to the Award Ceremony held sometime next year. 40 more words


Homeschooling Update - The End of Summer and Begining of Our New Adventure!

We have begun our first week of home schooling and it is awesome! I love seeing Madison so happy. I wanted to share what we have worked on and mastered up to this point so that I can continue with updates from this point on. 1,701 more words


Gifts that Differ - Sermon on Romans 12:1-8

No one seems to know who first said, “The problem with living sacrifices is they keep crawling off the altar,” but in today’s reading, the Apostle Paul encourages us to stop crawling away and start really living, as we devote ourselves to following Jesus. 1,863 more words


Robin Williams: Giftedness and Gifting

Robin Williams: good man, gifted, gifting us through prolific imagination, unleashed humor, amazing spontaneity …

Okay.  So much written about R.W.  Thus, Solomon’s piece that has been at the core of my writing for countless years: “It’s all been said before.”  And, because of that, I found great ambivalence about writing a post dedicated to Robin Williams … So close, I came, to tossing out what I had written for this post into the “R.O.D.” – – – the Realm Of Deleted. 574 more words


Wherein I talk openly about the creative mind...

Hi all -

In light of the news about Robin Williams on Monday, I wanted to write a post that has been years in the making really. 1,318 more words


Forget The Interference

Forget the interference.

Focus on the lovely thoughts . . . deep within your soul.

Pursue their hidden meanings . . . express them passionately. 20 more words