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Wishlist 2.0

Some of the things I forgot to include in my Christmas wishlist! :)

Polaroid 600 films!!

My very generous and selfless boyfriend gave me this awesome Polaroid 636 camera for no reason last month, but because I am really on a tight budget and the films are too expensive for a frugal person like me. 59 more words

About Me

18 Interesting Gifs That Explain How Things Work

Sometimes we need an image to help understand something. If that image is in motion and shows something that you otherwise would never see, all the better. 147 more words


Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

Hey there, Santa.  It’s been a while. It’s me, Marisa.  Well, my alter ego is Marisa and she’s the girl you may remember.  Over the years, I sent you lists asking for things like purple legwarmers, a Michael Jackson purse, Cabbage Patch Kid bed sheets, a lockable diary, and a mint green cassette player and blank tapes so I could record songs from the radio.  853 more words

Family & Parenting

Limited Progress

So, it’s been another rough week at work, which has severely impacted both my ability and my will to knit. I know, it’s very sad, but I’ve literally been so tired some nights that I haven’t been able to knit more than a few rows. 153 more words


How to find the best gift for your partner?

Buying or finding a gift for your spouse can be a tricky endeavor. Especially, when there’s nothing unusual you can find to surprise them. Exchanging gifts is one of the ways to express love or shower thankfulness. 523 more words


Tips for Holiday Shopping

It’s that dreaded time of year again. Christmas shopping.

What do you get a Dad that has every tool and everything he needs? What’s my brother’s favorite color? 344 more words

Fashion Gift Guide

With just 4 weeks until the big day, it’s about time for the second instalment of my gift guide. These beautiful fashion treats will let you spread your festive cheer in the ‘chicest’ way possible. 217 more words