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Scenes From the Gila: Artist's Statement

The following is my artist’s statement for my most recent series, which was completed January-April, 2014, and was displayed at Art Obscura Gallery in May 2014. 347 more words


Scenes From the Gila: Ponderosa


Ponder awkward pasts

Mushroom clouds, Indian wars,

Thick golf course heavens

Oil on canvas, April 2014, 40″ x 56″

Detail photo by David Lopez. 67 more words


Scenes From the Gila: San Francisco

 San Francisco

Moonshine’s mockingbird

Valentines in the river

Please, babe–don’t get weird

April 2014, oil on canvas, 36″ x 42″

Detail photo by David Lopez… 118 more words


Scenes From The Gila: Winter

  Winter Gila

Winter love under

Mustard hills and cobalt skies

Never to return

March 2014; oil, ash & sand on canvas paper

This is the piece matted, before the frame was put on… 56 more words


Scenes From the Gila: Rainbow

Meg’s Rainbow

Oil paint on 9 pieces of canvas paper, 2014

This piece began as a whimsical exploration of nine prevalent colors in my palette: Cadmium & Naples Yellow, Indian Yellow, Sap Green, Cobalt Green, Phthalo Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Violet, Quinacridone Red, and Perylene Red. 211 more words


Scenes From the Gila: Chivas

Burros 4: Chivas                                                                          Oil on panel, 9″ x 18″, 2014


Down in Silver Town / Chivato bleeds buffalo / Decorating trees

Chiva: Spanish term for billy goat;  25 more words


Scenes From the Gila: Blood on the Tracks

Burros 2: Blood on the Tracks

Oil on panel, 2014, 12″ x 16″

Blood on the Tracks 

Bleeding on the tracks, / Arrieros steal trains and / Mine for aliens… 14 more words