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NBC Is Resurrecting 'Problem Child' As A New Sitcom

Universal Pictures had a certified hit with the 1990 comedy Problem Child, as the story of the world’s most obnoxious red-headed kid earned $72 million… 178 more words


Regarding the death of Joan Rivers...

I personally do not really give any shit about it.

I mean, yeah, supposedly she was a strong willed individual & admittedly, she also had sadness in her life such as how she lost her husband at a young age due to suicide while raising her daughter alone which is admirable but even so, it does not change the fact that at times, she also had a streak of cruelty in her such as in a recent but lesser known disparaging comment on how mentally retarded drivers should have a sign with a photo of Sarah Palin on it on their cars is a clear insult to them as it depreciates them by insinuating they are morons like her when clearly that is not the case despite the challenges presented to them having things like mental deficiency &/or retardation. 254 more words


Gilbert Gottfried

Legendary comedian Gilbert Gottfried joins the show and critiques KT’s abilities as a stand up comedian.

The Ben and Skin Show airs weekdays from 3-7p in Dallas-Fort Worth on 105.3 The Fan. 50 more words

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"Fan" Fiction

A delightfully puntacular fan fiction, the first one ever submitted to me, by your friend and mine: the talented Dave Terruso.

Words: “Fan” Fiction – Dave… 124 more words

Fan Fiction

ㅈㄴ 병맛인데 ㅈㄴ 천재적인거 같기도?????





Independence Day Speech Take 2

Let’s be glad this isn’t the direction they went with in the movie, because the only thing I am feeling inspired to do is to buy Aflac insurance.