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A Place for Everyone (My run-in with the Twitter people)

You know you have reached a certain time in your life when you start reading Playboy for the quality of its authors, rather than for the quality of its silicone. 1,757 more words

Paul Millard

Inquiring Minds Want To Know...

People I think would be good at phone sex:

James Earl Jones

Liev Schreiber

Henry Kissinger

People I think would be bad at phone sex: 6 more words


Donald Trump Has Revealed The Latest 'Celebrity Apprentice' Cast And There Are Some Real Gems This Season

Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice is like Dancing with the Stars to D-list celebrities who have already appeared on Dancing with the Stars or can’t really dance and have little contribution to society at this point — so let’s just film them being horrible to each other and be done with it. 219 more words


NYC Top Comedy Choices for Friday 10/31/14

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TV Alert: Brian Regan is on David Letterman;
Andy Samberg and Rosie Perez are on Jimmy Kimmel;
Ted Danson and Alingon Mitra are on Craig Ferguson; 2,084 more words

Best New York Live Comedy Shows, Updated Daily

One Geekified Interview: Dan

Good morning everyone, its time for another awesome round of Geekified Interviews! Please contain your excitement! Before we jump right on into another fun-filled interview I wanted to take a quick moment to ask everyone to help me reach 4,000 views by the end of this year! 1,728 more words

Morningside Heights Named a Street after George Carlin

Whether you prefer baseball or football, this is welcome news.

On Wednesday, the corner of Morningside Drive and West 121st Street was christened “George Carlin Way.” The legendary comedian, who died in 2008, grew up in the area. 212 more words

New York City

Harmontown - Gilbert Seinfeld

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Gilbert Gottfried deconstructs Jerry Seinfeld then does accents with Dan.