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Gilgamesh - Mesopotamia


The epic of Gilgamesh was written down on clay tablets in cuneiform script at least 1300 years before Homer wrote the Iliad and  The Odessey… 366 more words

Myth And Legend

Gilgamesh - Babylonian Mythology main lesson

Recently Elki finished a main lesson on Babylonian mythology. I chose to read him the story of Gilgamesh and base the main lesson around this story. 714 more words

Grade 5

Sumerian Currency

When I tell people that I write and like to study a culture that was born around 6,000 years ago, they invariable start making jokes about mastodons and caves.   2,006 more words

Laura Valeri


Fletching the arrows by the fire
The wild man out beyond is large,
and believed to be

The tense young man
at the front of the class… 32 more words

Eleven Perfect Lines

¨Who is the mortal who can live forever?
The life of man is short. Only the gods

can live forever. Therefore put on new clothes, 84 more words