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The Epic of Gilgamesh

Having read the ‘Epic of Gilgamesh’ for my English degree, when my Mother proposed going for dinner at this swanky Pan – Asian restaurant situated in the heart of Camden Stables Market, I was intrigued. 336 more words

Official trailer for "Gilgamesh" released

Upcoming no-budget, sci-fi frightener Gilgamesh has received an official trailer.

A production from The Boston Film Family, Gilgamesh‘s plot sounds like that of an absurd video game. 69 more words


"Make each of your days a delight": Siduri's Exhortation to Gilgamesh

But until the end comes,

Enjoy your life.

Spend it in happiness, not despair.

Savour your food.

Make each of your days a delight.

Bathe and anoint yourself. 147 more words

Blade Runner: The Greatest Story Ever Told

Blade Runner is a cult classic and one of the greatest films ever made. It also is one of my personal favorites, and the title even serves as one of my aliases on a video game I play frequently online. 1,223 more words



“Lady Ragalska and the Six Thousand Years”

When I was in high school, a friend of mine, Aristotle Bean, hung around in the hallways and chanted this rhyme as the girls walked by: “I was born in the jungle with my dick in my hand. 2,427 more words


Let's consider expiration dates on old writings

Much of the food we buy in grocery stores is stamped with a date to indicate how fresh the food is. When our food gets too old, we throw it out, and we don’t feel guilty about doing so. 439 more words


7th August 1874. Faith, but Where was the Charity?

The 19th century was a wake-up time for the Established Church of England, now at a crossroads largely forced upon them by external forces. Its traditional power base was eroding as the state increasingly took over its assumed fiefdom; in the 1837 Registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths Act, for instance, its moves into education, parochial governance and poor relief. 691 more words