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The First Epic -- Gilgamesh

This is the first of a two part post on Gilgamesh. I recommend the David Ferry version.

The earliest epic we have enough of to reconstruct, … 783 more words

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History’s First Great Work of Literature Influenced the Hebrew Bible

The Epic of Gilgamesh, an ancient Mesopotamian poem, is generally considered to be history’s first great work of literature. Consisting of a series of poems transmitted orally and in writing over time, the story was eventually compiled into one combined epic, with the oldest combined version dating to 1,800 years BCE. 607 more words

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Entry 145: The best plan we have ever made

Rin :: …there’s something else you need? Backup to go into the Labyrinth? To build up experience with your Servant? …Hey. Haven’t you been listening to us? 3,048 more words

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Brewets: Brewer-Musician Collaborations

Brewers are musicians who compose songs made of beer. Put these brewing and musical artists together and the ensuing duets (bruets? brewets?) and the results can be music to your mouth. 112 more words

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Gilgamesh and Immortality vs. Beauty Standards Today

By: Kathryn S

I think that in ancient times, people might want immortality, but in time they understand that they can’t have it. Gilgamesh the King realizes they it is not a human’s right to have immortality, after failing the test that Ut’natpishtim gives him. 69 more words

Overview of Epic Literature in the Ancient World, Part 4

This is the fourth in a series of posts about epic literature in the ancient world. This post focuses on the various conventions epic poetry from a structural and writing perspective as well as some major issues and topics that consistently recur in ancient epic literature. 1,687 more words

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The Merfoxiad III: Tails of Vulpine Vicissitude

The date, a day
The day of her birth
How and why and how did he know
What did it mean and what had she just seen… 560 more words