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The Hero's Journey

Today, you’re going to learn about the Hero’s Journey.  Here’s the Google Presentation.

If we have time, a few of you can present your ideas for Gilgamesh’s soundtrack.

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Finishing Gilgamesh and Soundtracks

Let’s start class by finishing “The Return” on pgs. 26-28.

Okay, soundtrack time!

Tomorrow (time permitting) we’ll do some sharing of our soundtrack ideas for the Epic of Gilgamesh.

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Wrapping up our Reading of Gilgamesh

Hi class!  Let’s start by comparing and contrasting these two flood stories.

To spice things up, I’m going to number you off into six groups.  In your groups, you will need a whiteboard and a couple of Expo markers. 34 more words

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Poetry, E-Books, and John Ashbery

There’s an article in today’s New York Times called “Line by Line, E-Books Turn Poet-Friendly.”  In it, Alexandra Alter reports that even though “[m]ost e-readers mangle the line breaks and stanzas that are so crucial to the appearance and rhythm of poetry” publishers of poetry are starting to do a better job preserving the integrity of the line as they remediate print books into digital form. 91 more words


The Story of the Flood Continued

Happy Monday class!  Take a few minutes to review your notebook entry from Friday and refresh your memory on the Epic of Gilgamesh’s “Story of the Flood.” 88 more words

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Fate/Zero Review

The Fate franchise has always been one of the more intense series. Fate Stay Night is probably the only anime that I’ve seen that I would consider to be part horror. 8,403 more words


The Story of the Flood

WN #4
Read “The Story of the Flood” (pgs. 23-26).  As you do, complete the following in your notebooks:

* write the plot line (in list form) 60 more words

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