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Gilgamesh vs James Bond

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James Bond has a gun at his side, but it really won’t be enough to take Gilgamesh down for the count. Gilgamesh is much faster than James Bond and he’s also a lot more skilled in combat. 27 more words


Gilgamesh vs Bass

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Gilgamesh is back, but this round is a bit of a mismatch. Bass can easily speedblitz Gilgamesh using his legendary speed and his Darkness Overload is more than a match for any blade that Gilgamesh possesses. 36 more words


Gilgamesh vs Superman

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Gilgamesh makes his blog debut with this round against he’s against the mighty Superman! Superman’s power knows no limits and he’s been known to pull whole planets around. 37 more words


Game Encyclopedia - G

Game Encyclopedia – G

o– G ———————————————————– (000KG) –o

- (Galbadia) The name of the territory where Deling City is located. Galbadia
is a militaristic nation that is not afraid to invade other… 316 more words


The lost plant / La plante perdue

“Gilgamesh sees a spring and how cool its waters are,
He goes down and bathes in the water.
A snake smells the fragrance of the plant, 303 more words

Stories / Histoires

Defining The Hero

“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.”

Joseph Campbell

Hercules, Perseus, Theseus – these were the myths for which I searched the libraries as a 10-year-old.   351 more words

Ancient Empires