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Three for Free - Random Edition

By Garrett D.

Randomness doesn’t get a fair shake, in my humble opinion. People cherish order and the illusion of control. Anyone who has heard a playlist I’ve made has been exposed to my embrace of the random – at least in the musical sense. 296 more words


the nonexistent glory of television

Perhaps, decades prior to network and programming executives, the Nelson ratings, and silly reality broadcasts; live televised events were the bomb. Now, reruns dictate your television guide whether cable, satellite, or piped in with extension cords from your neighbors house. 132 more words

Gilligan’s Island

Today, I am going to write about a T.V. show I have recently started watching, “Gilligan’s Island.” The show first aired in black in white and later broadcast in color. 237 more words


I Ain't Raising No Street Walker.

Flashbacks are a funny thing. Funny, not in “ha-ha” but funny in the purpose they serve. And funny because the dividing line between reality and flashback is like the tide; sometimes it’s apparent and other times I’m squinting my eyes wondering, “Is the tide coming in or going out?” Is this a flashback or is this reality? 605 more words

Seamore Pacific

My Own Private S.S. Minnow

I’m Throwing Back Thursday in my own way — dusting off some columns I’ve written in ages past and putting them back into circulation again. This one originally appeared in the… 564 more words

Summer "fun"