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Imperial Nudibranch

These little guys were all over the place in Hawaii in the 1970s. They disappeared in the 1980s and have been slowly making their way back since the mid-1990s. 42 more words


through my panes,
my sills. . .

better than much other stuff
that seeps
into your body-mind,
and can pack you
to the gills.


Green Around the Gills - Can the Young Squad Prosper?

 Peter Taylor’s successes have been numerous in amount, but dig a little deeper and you often see bumps in the road – alongside promotions at Hull, Wycombe and Brighton, there’s been frustrating failures (Crystal Palace, Bradford City, even then non-league Stevenage). 713 more words

Jack-O-Lantern Fungus

As Glen and I hiked though the woods last Friday we came upon several varieties of fungus.   This is the jack-o-lantern mushroom, also known as false chanterelle.  68 more words