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Brooklyn Nine-Nine S2E4 Recap: Halloween Bet Part II

By Mina Haq

Halloween at the 99th precinct can only mean one thing: ridiculous costumes and absurd bets with minimal actual crime fighting. On this week’s episode of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” Jake and Captain Holt recreate their bet from last year’s Halloween, but with a lot of new twists, and Gina struggles to balance her dance group “Floorgasms” rehearsals with her new secret time commitment (no, it’s not Boyle). 556 more words

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Big Top Pee-wee (1988) Review {by R.T Ewell}

 (The following review was contributed by R.T Ewell. R.T is a writer, his work can be found here)

“Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” was one of my favorite movies as a kid. 692 more words


Genetics: A Double Edged Sword

More than a decade ago, the scientific community completed what was once deemed an impossible task: researchers from around the world finally decoded the entire sequence of the human genome. 1,189 more words

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EEOC Sues Home Care Agency for GINA Violation - Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act

On September 17, 2014, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) issued a press release announcing it is suing BNV Home Care Agency, Inc. (“BNV”) for practices that are prohibited by the… 238 more words

Council For Responsible Genetics

Brooklyn Nine-Nine S2E3: “Circus of Fools”

By MIna Haq

On this week’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” Jake and Amy reverted back to their competitive old ways during a precinct tradition while Captain Holt and Terry went head-to-head with Deputy Chief Wuntch. 578 more words

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Gina Silva Rocks As Anchor

I have said this before, I’ll say it again. Giggly Miss Gina Silva should be anchor at KTTV and is really being wasted as far as I’m concerned in other positions. 136 more words

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