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Okay, just a couple more

Since I am still bubbling over with joy from Gina’s wedding, I thought I’d post just a couple more pictures. I cannot believe that was already two weeks ago! 111 more words

One & All


collage, stitching, encaustic on hand embossed paper. 12×12″ (30x30cm)

contact me if you have any questions.    AU$135.00  (204/2015)


CRG board member Robert Green in the news-The US has laws against genetic discrimination, but people still fear it

Genetic discrimination hasn’t yet become a problem in the US. Since the Genetic Information Nondiscrmination Act (GINA) was signed into law in 2008, very few GINA-related charges have been made. 699 more words

Drie leeuwelpies vermis: 'Kans op oorlewing skraal'

Gepubliseer/Published in Beeld 5 Januarie 2015,

Drie leeuwelpies, van die Addo-olifant Nasionale Park, is wees gelaat nadat hul ma dood is, die vyf maande welpies is soek en na ‘n twee weke lange soektog is daar min hoop dat die welpies nog leef. 42 more words

Newspaper Clippings

Bikini, Topless, Nude: Get Your Pick

Good morning folks! Here the sun has resumed its brightness and the past wrath of Thor is already a distant memory. Pointless to say that of course I didn’t think of warm clothes and shoes when I left Milan. 357 more words

Stupidity - Level 2