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Cheers to the Weekend!

Hi All.  I’m pretty excited for the weekend and this post comes totally appropriate because my husband and I have a whole weekend, baby-free.  Not to say that we don’t love our son, however, it’s nice to have a break.   223 more words


Reed's Raspberry Ginger Brew Review

Reed’s Ginger Brews are pretty nice. I had a couple recently (no review, I’m afraid), but their Raspberry variant had long intrigued me, and I decided it was time. 226 more words


Matsos Brewery - Matsos Ginger Beer

Ginger beer… usually reserved for ginger nuts or as i refer to them fanta pants… or is it…. i guess the only way to know is for me a dark brown haired non ginger megs looking guy to have a drink and see if i give two fucks about this beer… now i’ll be honest and say i’ve not really been a fan of much that Matsos have produced and i gotta say i’m hoping i’ll be pleasantly surprised with this one… but as i like to say… only time and this review will tell. 226 more words

Beer Review

Organic Ginger Beer – Nelson Brewing Co (Nelson, BC, Canada)

  • My Rating: , unrated on Ratebeer.com

Organic Ginger Beer – Nelson Brewing Company, 5.0% ABV, 355.mcl., (Nelson, BC, Canada)

Ingredients: Water, Organic Malted Barley, Organic Honey, … 156 more words


Fall Drink: Crackling Apple Moscow Mule

I was hankering for a Moscow Mule as well as something fall and festive this past weekend. One of my October intentions was to have Hard Cider to celebrate the season. 229 more words

Stone Wall

Time begins for great autumn drinks, like Dale DeGroff´s Stone Wall with fresh ginger, apple cider and strong rum!


1 small piece of peeled Ginger Root, 1/4 oz. 133 more words

Old Fashioned