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The Real Ginger Beer

In winter everything shifts; in the grocery store you will find lackluster strawberries from warmer places tasting watery and acidic, mountains of citrus fruits and an assortment of apples harvested last fall. 811 more words


Ginger Rogers

Got some left over sour mix? Left overs are no one’s friend unless of course they’re delicious. Take some left over sour mix or make a new batch (see our recipe a few weeks back) and give it a kick with some spicy ginger beer/ale. 51 more words


250/365 Bevy of the Night

I can’t be any more excited that this busy work week is over!

I definitely deserve something refreshing: Like Gil’s moscow mule!



Your Weekly Cocktail: the Whiskey Buck

Lets be frank, there are some weeks where Friday just can’t come soon enough… For those weeks we hope you’ll join us in our weekly cocktail series. 326 more words

Food & Drink

Home Brew: Alcoholic Ginger Beer

There hasn’t been an awful lot that I have missed so far in my pound a day challenge. A couple of things I have missed or craved are; a bountiful supply of fresh citrus, sweet potatoes, courgettes and broccoli – all deemed too expensive unless I can find them in the staff veg bin at work. 258 more words


Day 45 - cocktails

Drinking cocktails with my best pals. This one’s called blackberry fizz. It’s amazing, ginger beer and other such yumminess.

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Weekend Drink: Swallow Your Pride

This drink is designed for a foolproof and fabulous first weekend back on the Hill. No pride, no problem. Don’t forget to throw back your dignity while you’re at it–just don’t vom it up in the morning.  83 more words