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In honor of National Gingerbread Day, we can’t resist our Soft and Chewy Ginger cookies!

I have 3 wishes. First is that I get to be ginger when we play Gilligan’s Island (Lisa’s so Mary Ann and our brother is Thurston Howell, III). 56 more words

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Chewy Molasses Cookies

Christmas is coming and these cookies are a great way to get ahead of the rush or get into a jolly mood a little early. They are a seriously tasty twist to traditional gingerbread cookies and don’t take a lot of effort. 214 more words


triple-ginger cookies

This post is short, as is fitting when you find a recipe which is exemplary and needs no embellishment. You can wait to make these in celebration of a winter holiday, but really, what is the point in waiting? 562 more words


Noirin's crackle top molasses cookies

Our mothers are often the best cooks and bakers we know, and I can safely say mine is no exception to this rule. These cookies are one of my mom’s most famous and they always appear magically on the coffee table when tea is poured. 210 more words

The Bakery

Copycat cookie butter

Everytime I visit the United States. a trip to Trader Joe’s is always fun!

I never have sufficient time to wander down each aisle to gaze at their new… 141 more words


Fall Break Brings Baked Goodies

When I have fall break, what do I do? Bake. A lot. It was my therapeutic realize from school because I never get the chance during the semester. 379 more words


Soothe Morning Sickness Naturally

Not again! It seems like you’ve been constantly battling nausea since you discovered you were expecting. Sadly, nothing has helped. And those ginger-flavored cookies your sister recommended only gave you a sugar high. 278 more words

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