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Sauteed Ginger and Garlic Salmon

Happy Friday Lovelies! I completely forgot that today was Good Friday and that a lot of companies have it off.  I did have work but came in to find out we were getting out early…woo hoo!   357 more words

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Strawberry Papaya Juice

After a long morning of cooking, and cleaning the kitchen, all I wanted to do was sit down, prop my feet up and enjoy a great glass of juice. 431 more words


Gingerbread Cupcakes

I remember last year that it seemed to take forever for spring to come. The winter was cold, bleak, sad, horrible and very, very long. This year hasn’t felt anywhere near as drawn out, but just looking through a couple of photos has really brought the difference between the two years home to me. 570 more words


Ginger Ginger Ginger !

Ginger has been known to be a key ingredient in many ancient medicines that were used across Asia. You can use ginger for many things but its especially good for us to know that ginger has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. 183 more words

Sexy Carrot Ginger Salad Rolls

You’ve have probably noticed by now that although I love to cook and am decently good at it, I rarely create my own recipes. I adapt things to no end in order to suit my own tastes, but the original ideas are technically not mine. 586 more words


Drink Up: Peeptini (but not the disgusting kind)

At this point in our relationship I’m pretty sure you know I have a strong adoration for Peeps. One of the questionable Easter trends that pops up on the internet this time of year is the “Peeptini.” If you asked me what a Peeptini should be I would say “a traditional vodka martini with a Peep instead of an olive,” but that does not sound delicious (vodka soaked gummy bears on the other hand is a whole different story friends).  369 more words

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