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Hansel and Gretel's Grahams

A recipe that veered from the graham crumbs and was lost in the woods.

How promisingly it all began once upon a time, with whole-wheat pastry flour roasting in the oven, a whiff of Lebkuchen traipsing through the kitchen. 379 more words


Sneak Peek: Nursery Picks

My main project of late has been designing the baby’s nursery. It’s the designer in me that will always search out the next cranny for some innovative project. 295 more words

Cotton & Wood, Etc.

The Hansel & Gretel Project

Hansel and Gretel, we all know the tale, two kids get lost in the woods. Their only way home, a trail of bread crumbs eaten by birds. 340 more words

Murder in Small Town America





A gingerbread house sat deep in the woods. Fourteen year-old, John roared down the path on his motorized bike and screeched to a halt just after slamming into it, or at least the remnants of it. 579 more words

Kid craft: Graham Cracker houses..

The story of Hansel and Gretel had been featured on both Super Why and Little Einsteins, two shows which M has been pretty obsessed with lately. 266 more words