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Her Lips: A Place For Spicy Things

My heart is chocked with
Sex-scented resin
All base notes and
Underworld smoke.
Sometimes I dare to
Think of your lacquer
And what I could flare in your… 32 more words

Christmas Prep - 7

Last week I said we’d be looking at some craft ideas for children, and reviewing our diaries. I hope you’re finding all these posts useful, I know they’re help keeping me focussed on it all and breathing easier. 617 more words


How i annoy Getter

Why i enjoy being in a relationship with my lil Getter, is that i love to mess with her all the time and most of the time i film it ,so here is a example from last Christmas when we were making gingerbread men.


Gingerbread Block of Flats

Yesterday I went for a group interview to hopefully take part in a really exciting local arts project. I so hope I get a place as it will be making a piece of art communally with, about and for my local community…..Watch this space… 301 more words

Sally and Scruffy

Sally’s best friend is Scruffy.  He has a thick warm coat, four paws, a curly tail and a smiley face.

Sally and Scruffy love being busy.   331 more words

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