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We Are Family feat. The Charming Family

In honor of watching the season 2 premiere, “Broken,” here is one special clip from that episode. 66 more words

Once Upon A Time

Magic is Coming!--1x22 Recap

We have arrived at the end of season one, and if I do say so myself, probably the best episode of the season.  It ended on such a great note and made waiting for season 2 that much more painful. 1,551 more words

Once Upon A Time

A Heart Full of Darkness--1x16 Recap

Onto my third recap, this time for the continuing journey of Snow White and Prince Charming in “Heart of Darkness.”

So, let’s begin.

To get bearings for this episode, it takes place in the middle of the Kathryn “murder” debacle, when Mary Margaret is arrested for having her fingerprints on a box with a heart inside, presumably belonging to David’s wife, Kathryn. 1,275 more words

Once Upon A Time

What's in a name?---Charming Style

Yesterday, I watched one of my favorite episodes “Snow Falls”

Basically, this is the episode where it is discovered how Snow and “Charming” met.  What I love about this episode is that there is so much more depth to their story then we saw in the Disney film version.   83 more words

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My Favorite Things

As a way to get to know me, I have added a page to this blog that explains all of my favorite things about Once Upon A Time. 51 more words

Once Upon A Time

A Very Good Place to Start

Today, I began my Once Upon A Time rewatch of my favorite episodes before the start of season 4, September 28 8/7c (throwing in some promotion), and of course, I am beginning with the episode what started it all, “Pilot” (creative title, I know).  1,506 more words

Once Upon A Time

Something Blue

Every wedding day has Something old, something new. Something borrowed, something blue.  Here’s how to give that “Something Blue” a modern twist. From eyeliner to chic accessories!