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Feminism!: Girl Gamer Magazine

This (short lived) magazine was published by Nintendo to target the woman demographic in the video game market. I have no idea why this failed, I mean, they made the consoles pink, they offered a game called “Cooking Mama 2″ (apparently the first one was so successful they needed a second). 46 more words

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Gaming: The Wolf Among Us - Episode 3 done!

Sometimes i just wonder if i made the other decision, would the other character still be alive? I really dont know.

In the end of every episode they show you the average choices other people made and where you stood. 142 more words


My blog is a smorgasbord of weird. (I just like the word smorgasbord)

The first rule of making a blog is to pick a theme. A theme will ensure readers know exactly what they’re getting and allow them to easily choose exactly whether they want to get it and then subscribe. 162 more words

Ello Sweeties

Hello fans :)

Sorry I haven’t written much been pretty busy. But I have been playing video games, mostly titanfall <3

But today is going to be a “Where can I get those awesome video game stuff” post :) 320 more words

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Gaming: The Wolf Among Us - Episode 2 done!

Phew! Done with episode 2. And i’ll have to say that this is like watching a mystery series. Not as scary as the first one but lots of the questions int he first ep were answered here. 56 more words


Gaming: The Wolf Among Us - Episode 1 done!

Just finished Episode 1 in a little under an hour. This is the second series from Telltale Games that I’ve played. The first one being Walking Dead. 186 more words


How to find out what business you will be successful in?

I usually listen to Business Podcasts to and from work to save time and learn in the process. It makes the dull of travelling into a learning opportunity! 214 more words