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Inclusivity In Games: The Preamble

Video games have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. The first game I ever played was Doom 2. … 896 more words


#GCON2014: All Girls, All Gamers, No Gates

IMPORTANT NOTE: I asked every young lady’s permission both before taking any pictures and again in regards to posting the pictures on the internet. Privacy is a very serious matter for Saudis, especially women, so it is really amazing that these ladies have not only put so much effort into creating these amazing costumes, but are willing to let me share them with you. 2,674 more words

Saudi Arabia

Some Like 'Em Bigger Than Others!

This post will discuss mega-guilds vs smaller guilds, a Blizzcon 2014 wrap up, and a quick blurb about the Nexy Show!

Big vs Small: Which guild is right for you? 1,150 more words


Feminism or Masochism?

I have found when discussing things like female characters in video games, men seem to think that I am attacking their sexuality in some way.  What many people fail to realize is: this is not about men.  333 more words


Fume Knight Frustration

            Ever felt so damn angry that your body seems to transform into a ball of filthy, disgusting rage and you just can’t find release? No? Then you probably haven’t come across the almighty bummer that is DSII’s Fume Knight. 187 more words

Fume Knight

The Twitch Tits

So recently the juggernaut livestreaming platform Twitch.tv changed its Terms of Service agreement. What did they change exactly, well something very important that I feel very strongly on. 892 more words

The Internet