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"In the end, we all love video games."

Question: How do you feel about terms like “casual gamer” or “hardcore gamer?”

I hate terms. A Flappy Bird addict versus an MLG player, both love what they’re playing. 111 more words

Video Games

Sorry I haven’t written a post this week I have spent the last 4.5 hours having a tattoo done

I am currently feeling a little sorry for myself and there won’t be a post this week …sooo… 10 more words

A Month Without Games

A month without games is hell.

I have two laptops, a Xbox 360 Slim and a Kindle Fire HD, my first laptop’s screen smashed a year ago and I set it off and I have only just got it back three days ago; that’s why I have two laptops.  123 more words

My Daughter, the Gamer.

Hello gamers !

Meet my daughter Coco~! <3

I haven’t talked about myself so much, especially because there will be a whole section (as well as other posts) describing who I am and what I do in gaming and e-sports. 545 more words


Girl Gamers: Why so much drama?

One of my Twitter friends @DanRhodenizer tweeted about his girl gamer list. I decided to join the list for funsies, because why not? I read through the conversation, and I was interested in the different reactions, such as people saying something like, why is that image pink/purple/hearts, those girls only play fucking call of duty, etc.   652 more words


I have only one thing to say…

I have Tales of Symphonia Chronicles in my happy happy hands!


Casual Gaming: The Titanfall Preview

As some people know, I tend to occasionally throw my two cents around when it comes to games, and will occasionally hand out recommendations to some of my other gamer friends. 1,624 more words

Casual Gaming