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My Idea of Girl Gamers

OK, first of all I am a HUGE gamer/nerd, I don’t do Fantasy RPGs, though I do stuff like play computer games like GMod and play Grand Theft Auto I actually really like Action games hell I may even get an emulator one day and play some old style Metroid or Ninja Guidan get a challenge. 124 more words

I made it!

So, yesterday I got the message saying I made the GameBattles team. I also found out that out of 12 girls that tried out, I was the only one who made the team. 347 more words

So, I decided to try out for that all girl Black Ops 2 Gamebattles team. I was scared I would be nervous and blow it. 149 more words

Skill Vs. Pussy

So… Not having posted anything for a few, I have quite a few things to update.

There’s no greater sense of accomplishment, no greater reward in V online; to me anyways. 817 more words


Bastion by Supergiant Games

First impressions on Bastion are good! It’s super cute, the voice over guy is really funny and it’s been a lot of fun to play! It’s been on my Steam wish list for ages and I got an email the other day saying that it’s 85% off, who could resist… 120 more words

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