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[LYRICS] Romanized: APink - Mr. Chu

Hanbeon bomyeon du beon deo bogo sipeo
Dubeon sebeon bomyeon neoreul deo ango sipeo
Neowa keopeulling keopeulling sone kkigoseo
Hamkke i gireul geotgo sipeo nan… 531 more words


SONAMOO Full Group Announced

I waited on the official announcement before making a post about this. I wanted to do this earlier but I wasn’t sure how many members would be joining and now that they’ve all officially been announced, it’s time! 107 more words


No Secrets

No Secrets was a girl group from the 2000s that consisted of Angel Faith (born Angel Marie Faith on January 8, 1988 in Los Angeles, California), Carly Lewis (born Carly Sarah Lewis on July 26, 1985 in London, England), Erin Tanner (born Erin Elizabeth Kaulani Tanner on November 5, 1985 in Burbank, California), Jade Ryusaki (born Jade Alexis Kapololu Ryusaki on January 5, 1988 in Los Angeles, California) and Jessica Fried (born Jessica Allison Megan Fried on July 25, 1986 in Glendale, California). 521 more words



P.Y.T. were a girl group from Tampa, Florida. The members consisted of Ashley Niven (born Ashley Dee Niven on September 23, 1985), Lauren Mayhew (born Lauren Courtney Mayhew on November 27, 1985), Lydia Bell (born Lydia Terez Bell on February 25, 1986) and Tracy Williams (born Tracy Margaret Williams on May 22, 1986). 512 more words



Innosense was a girl group from the late ’90s\early 2000s. The group decided to misspell their name so they wouldn’t sound like “innocent little four-year-olds.” They formed in 1997 and were managed by Lou Pearlman & Lynn Harless (the mother of Justin Timberlake). 532 more words


Random Music Monday: Baechu Bossam

Why Random Music Monday for these ladies? I felt trolled that’s why. Also, when aren’t Pungdeng-E random and weird?

I thought they were going all serious for a second, with the warehouse, gangsters and suitcase, and all.  49 more words


Merry Christmas . Nadolig Llawen

FREE download of our version of First Noël which will be on the soundtrack to ‘A Wonderful Christmas Time’.

Lawrlwythwch ein fersiwn ni o First Noël AM DDIM. 11 more words