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Poison Periods, Aisle 8A


Careful what you put between your legs… The unregulated chemicals found in some disposable menstrual products can increase your odds of making deformed babies, getting cancer, and developing allergic reactions.

Going Green

Reproductive Rights

I feel that Reproductive rights can be a very touchy situation, especially because of religions and such. But I do think it is important to take a step back and look at the situation as a woman’s choice about her body and life, instead of abortion/anti-abortion. 307 more words

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This post continues an ongoing discussion of extreme importance. Every person has a right to bodily autonomy, and for others to decide what people can or cannot do with (and to) their own bodies is to rob them of their human rights.

Hymen 101

Looking for some ladypart edutainment with Laci Green? Here’s how to pop a gal’s cherry. (OH WAIT, YOU CAN’T.)

Love, love, love, love her work. You can find her YouTube channel HERE.


girl parts and what comes from them

ultrasound results have been received

1 ovarian cyst and 1 ‘small’ endometrial ‘mass’

what is a mass? could be anything.  my madre had a hysterectomy at 28 due to fibroids.  112 more words


My Favorite Time of the Month. Period.

Ever since my tweenage years, I’ve been thrilled to get my period each month. I waited for what felt like ages for my ticket into the elusive cult of womanhood* and listened jealously to my post-menarche friends lamenting over their monthly blues. 345 more words