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Days 27 and 28: 128 and 151 Juggles. Plus An AMAZING gift from Ireland and a Reminder of why St. Jude is so Awesome!

Yesterday, right before I went out to juggle, something amazing came in the mail.  It was a package from a woman named Sandra, all the way from Ireland!  241 more words

Summer Favorites: Girl Power

Lately, there has been an influx of viral videos that encourage females to be proud of how they are and to be comfortable in their own skin. 52 more words


Girl Power, and all that stuff.

A few of my favorite things … the sound my computer gets when I have a new email, shaved legs wrapped up against clean sheets, freshly baked oatmeal raisin cookies, the feeling of sunshine on my skin, the smell of pineapple, and getting to put on my make-up in the morning. 451 more words

Be a Woman: Stop Saying "Man Up" or "Grow a Pair"

I consider myself somewhat of a feminist. Women are not yet on equal footing in our society in a variety of factors, and I think that’s shitty. 292 more words

Deep Thoughts

Kind Campaign




I just wanted to take a moment to raise awareness for this amazing campaign. As a woman in her mid twenties I can remember being bullied, I know that it isn’t a tragedy when compared with war or famine but it can effect people for the rest of their live and mental health. 82 more words


#TRENDING THURSDAY::: Innerbeauty embraced by and highlighted by Colbie Caillat in music video

I grew up very shy- and I love my upbringing because it defined me as the person I am now- but there are things that I want my daughter to embrace that I have JUST BEGAN to EMBRACE in my mid-20s embrace.   489 more words

Trending Thursday

Summer Salutations: Dear Louisa May Alcott Yoginis ...

Dear yoginis,
We hope you are using this summer to read, connect with family, and hone your leadership skills. Above all, we hope you live each moment with the confidence that you are smart, strong, and important. 667 more words